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2018-07-01A Retrospective Study on Effectiveness and Safety of the Novel Once-Daily Melt-Dose Tacrolimus in a Spanish Cohort of Stable Kidney Transplant Recipients Converted from Once or Twice-Daily Formulations: ReconocE Study
Sanchez Fructuoso, Ana I.; Carlos Ruiz, Juan; Franco, Antonio; Redondo, Dolores; Diekmann, Fritz; Calvino, Jesus; Serra, Nuria; Jose Aladren, Mario; Cigarran, Secundino; Manonelles, Ana; Ramos, Ana; Gomez, Gonzalo; Gonzalez Posada, Jose Manuel s; Andres, Amado; Beneyto, Isabel; Lopez Muniz, Andres; Perello, Manel; Lauzurica, Ricardo; [Sanchez Fructuoso, Ana I.] Univ Hosp Clin San Carlos, Nephrol, Madrid, Spain; [Carlos Ruiz, Juan] Univ Hosp Marques Valdecilla, Nephrol, Santander, Spain; [Franco, Antonio] Univ Hosp Gen, Nephrol, Alicante, Spain; [Redondo, Dolores] Univ Hosp Mar, Nephrol, Barcelona, Spain; [Diekmann, Fritz] Univ Hosp Clin, Nephrol, Barcelona, Spain; [Calvino, Jesus] Hosp Lucus Augusto, Nephrol, Lugo, Spain; [Serra, Nuria] Fdn Puigvert, Nephrol, Barcelona, Spain; [Jose Aladren, Mario] Hosp Miguel Servet, Nephrol, Zaragoza, Spain; [Cigarran, Secundino] Hosp Costa Burela, Nephrol, Lugo, Spain; [Manonelles, Ana] Univ Hosp Bellvitge, Nephrol, Lhospitalet De Llobregat, Spain; [Ramos, Ana] Fdn Jimenez Diaz, Nephrol, Madrid, Spain; [Gomez, Gonzalo] Univ Hosp Son Espases, Nephrol, Palma De Mallorca, Spain; [Gonzalez Posada, Jose Manuel s] Univ Hosp Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria, Nephrol, Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain; [Andres, Amado] Univ Hosp Doce Octubre, Nephrol, Madrid, Spain; [Beneyto, Isabel] Univ Hosp La Fe, Nephrol, Valencia, Spain; [Lopez Muniz, Andres] Univ Hosp A Coruna, Nephrol, La Coruna, Spain; [Perello, Manel] Univ Hosp Vall De Hebron, Nephrol, Barcelona, Spain; [Lauzurica, Ricardo] Univ Hosp Germans Tries y Pujol, Nephrol, Badalona, Spain
2015-08Medium-Term Renal Function in a Large Cohort of Stable Kidney Transplant Recipients Converted From Twice-Daily to Once-Daily Tacrolimus.
2018-01Paricalcitol Versus Calcifediol for Treating Hyperparathyroidism in Kidney Transplant Recipients.