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2015Current Approach in the Diagnosis and Management of Uveitic Glaucoma.Muñoz-Negrete, Francisco J; Moreno-Montañés, Javier; Hernández-Martínez, Paula; Rebolleda, Gema
2015Diagnostic Accuracy of Nonmydriatic Fundus Photography for the Detection of Glaucoma in Diabetic Patients.
2019-01Early Macular Vessel Density Loss in Acute Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Compared to Papilledema: Implications for Pathogenesis.Rebolleda, Gema; Díez-Álvarez, Laura; de Dompablo, Elisabet; Muñoz-Negrete, Francisco J
2016Efficacy and tolerability of benzalkonium chloride-free travoprost in glaucoma patients switched from benzalkonium chloride-preserved latanoprost or bimatoprost.García-Feijoo, Julian; Muñoz-Negrete, Francisco J; Hubatsch, Douglas A; Rossi, Gemma C
2018Mapping the Structure-Function Relationship in Glaucoma and Healthy Patients Measured with Spectralis OCT and Humphrey Perimetry.Jaumandreu, Laia; Muñoz-Negrete, Francisco J; Oblanca, Noelia; Rebolleda, Gema
2015-02Nonpenetrating deep sclerectomy for glaucoma after descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty: three consecutive case reports.Muñoz-Negrete, Francisco J; Arnalich-Montiel, Francisco; Casado, Alfonso; Rebolleda, Gema
2015-01OCT: New perspectives in neuro-ophthalmology.
2018Parental Mosaicism in PAX6 Causes Intra-Familial Variability: Implications for Genetic Counseling of Congenital Aniridia and Microphthalmia.
2016The new Bruch's membrane opening - minimum rim width classification improves optical coherence tomography specificity in tilted discs.Rebolleda, Gema; Casado, Alfonso; Oblanca, Noelia; Muñoz-Negrete, Francisco J