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2016Chronic Neck Pain and Cervico-Craniofacial Pain Patients Express Similar Levels of Neck Pain-Related Disability, Pain Catastrophizing, and Cervical Range of Motion.
2016-12Chronic Temporomandibular Disorders: disability, pain intensity and fear of movement.
2015Comparison of Dry Needling versus Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Patients with Myofascial Chronic Neck Pain: A Single-Blind, Randomized Pilot Study.
2017Comparison of hand grip strength and upper limb pressure pain threshold between older adults with or without non-specific shoulder pain.
2018-06Effects of dry needling in an exercise program for older adults with knee osteoarthritis: A pilot clinical trial.
2016-08Influence of the actions observed on cervical motion in patients with chronic neck pain: a pilot study.
2015-03-05Masticatory sensory-motor changes after an experimental chewing test influenced by pain catastrophizing and neck-pain-related disability in patients with headache attributed to temporomandibular disorders.
2018Prediction models of health-related quality of life in different neck pain conditions: a cross-sectional study.
2016Psychosocial and Somatosensory Factors in Women with Chronic Migraine and Painful Temporomandibular Disorders.