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2016Development of a Telemetric System for Postoperative Follow-up of Vascular Surgery Procedures: In Vitro Model.
2016-04-18Fourier domain optical coherence tomography to assess the iridocorneal angle and correlation study in a large Caucasian population.
2018Health perception in menopausal women.
2021-04-16Heart failure is a poor prognosis risk factor in patients undergoing cholecystectomy: Results from a Spanish data-based analysis
2018-05Incidence of and associated factors for bacterial colonization of intravenous catheters removed from dogs in response to clinical complications.
2016Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk: Variations in Visfatin Gene Can Modify the Obesity Associated Cardiovascular Risk. Results from the Segovia Population Based-Study. Spain.
2018Prevalence, Treatment, and Associated Factors of Hypertension in Spain: A Comparative Study between Populations.
2017-12-05The Evolving Nature of Infective Endocarditis in Spain: A Population-Based Study (2003 to 2014).
2016The Polymorphism -308G/A of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Gene Modulates the Effect of Immunosuppressive Treatment in First Kidney Transplant Subjects Who Suffer an Acute Rejection.
2017-07The RECALCAR Project. Healthcare in the Cardiology Units of the Spanish National Health System, 2011 to 2014.