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20173' Uridylation controls mature microRNA turnover during CD4 T-cell activation.
2017Interorganelle Communication between Mitochondria and the Endolysosomal System.Soto-Heredero, Gonzalo; Baixauli, Francesc; Mittelbrunn, María
2016ISGylation controls exosome secretion by promoting lysosomal degradation of MVB proteins.
2017miRNA profiling during antigen-dependent T cell activation: A role for miR-132-3p.
2018Priming of dendritic cells by DNA-containing extracellular vesicles from activated T cells through antigen-driven contacts.
2017Role of exosomes in the protection of cellular homeostasis.Desdín-Micó, Gabriela; Mittelbrunn, María
2018The microRNA-29/PGC1α regulatory axis is critical for metabolic control of cardiac function.