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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12A current perspective on cancer immune therapy: step-by-step approach to constructing the magic bullet.D'Errico, Gabriele; Machado, Heather L; Sainz, Bruno
2018-09-04An unsuspected complication with immune checkpoint blockade: a case report.Carril-Ajuria, Lucia; Jiménez-Aguilar, Elisabeth; Gómez-Martín, Carlos; Díaz-Pedroche, Carmen
2015-11-17Autoimmune post-herpes simplex encephalitis of adults and teenagers.
2017Balanced secretion of anti-CEA × anti-CD3 diabody chains using the 2A self-cleaving peptide maximizes diabody assembly and tumor-specific cytotoxicity.
2018CD137 (4-1BB) Signalosome: Complexity Is a Matter of TRAFs.
2017-05-02Clinical manifestations of the anti-IgLON5 disease.
2018Interferon gamma, an important marker of response to immune checkpoint blockade in non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma patients.
2017-12Progression-free survival at 2 years post-autologous transplant: a surrogate end point for overall survival in follicular lymphoma.
2018-09-17Quality standards for allergen immunotherapy clinics in Spain. Consensus document.
2018-01SEOM clinical guideline for the management of malignant melanoma (2017).
2015-12SEOM guidelines for the management of Malignant Melanoma 2015.