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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05A thirty second pause
2017-03An exception to the rule "no association between antibiotic resistance and decreased disinfectant microbicidal efficacy": Orthophthalaldehyde (OPA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from ICU and paraplegic patients.Herruzo, R; Vizcaíno, M J; Herruzo, I
2016-02-02Assessment of central venous catheter colonization using surveillance culture of withdrawn connectors and insertion site skin.
2017Candidemia in non-ICU surgical wards: Comparison with medical wards.
2017Cost-utility analysis of Palivizumab for Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection prophylaxis in preterm infants: update based on the clinical evidence in Spain.
2016-04-05Effect of Postextubation High-Flow Nasal Cannula vs Conventional Oxygen Therapy on Reintubation in Low-Risk Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
2015-07-30Effectiveness of a training program in compliance with recommendations for venous lines care.
2015-01-12Epidemiology of invasive aspergillosis in critically ill patients: clinical presentation, underlying conditions, and outcomes.
2016-05Impact of harmful use of alcohol on the sedation of critical patients on mechanical ventilation: A multicentre prospective, observational study in 8 Spanish intensive care units.
2017Influence of Mechanical Ventilation on the Pharmacokinetics of Vancomycin Administered by Continuous Infusion in Critically Ill Patients.
2015-05-08Management and outcome of mechanically ventilated patients after cardiac arrest.
2017-05-30Outcome of acute respiratory distress syndrome in university and non-university hospitals in Germany.
2017Prospective Multicentre Study on the Epidemiology and Current Therapeutic Management of Severe Bronchiolitis in Spain.
2017-02Severe hypercapnia and outcome of mechanically ventilated patients with moderate or severe acute respiratory distress syndrome.
2016-06-23The Dose Response Multicentre Investigation on Fluid Assessment (DoReMIFA) in critically ill patients.
2018Thrombocytopenia in the ICU: disseminated intravascular coagulation and thrombotic microangiopathies-what intensivists need to know.
2016-05-28Vascular catheter colonization: surveillance based on culture of needleless connectors.Pérez-Granda, María Jesús; Guembe, María; Cruces, Raquel; Bouza, Emilio