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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018According to Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection Stage, Interleukin-7 Plus 4-1BB Triggering Alone or Combined with PD-1 Blockade Increases TRAF1low HCV-Specific CD8+ Cell Reactivity.
2021-04-22Advances in multimodal treatment for stage IIIA-N2 non-small cell lung cancer
2018Durvalumab in NSCLC: latest evidence and clinical potential.Muñoz-Unceta, Nerea; Burgueño, Isabel; Jiménez, Elizabeth; Paz-Ares, Luis
2015-10Immune checkpoint inhibitors: therapeutic advances in melanoma.
2017Minimum Information about T Regulatory Cells: A Step toward Reproducibility and Standardization.
2017Monoclonal Antibody Therapies for Hematological Malignancies: Not Just Lineage-Specific Targets.Cuesta-Mateos, Carlos; Alcaraz-Serna, Ana; Somovilla-Crespo, Beatriz; Muñoz-Calleja, Cecilia
2016Novel treatment strategy with autologous activated and expanded natural killer cells plus anti-myeloma drugs for multiple myeloma.
2018Oral myeloid cells uptake allergoids coupled to mannan driving Th1/Treg responses upon sublingual delivery in mice.