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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Babinski's Lost Legacy: A Remarkable Case of a Not-So-New Clinical Construct.
2016-11-18Bacteraemia due to Parvimonas micra, a commensal pathogen, in a patient with an oesophageal tumour.García Carretero, Rafael; Luna-Heredia, Esther; Olid-Velilla, Monica; Vazquez-Gomez, Oscar
2016-04Bacteremic Pneumonia before and after Withdrawal of 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine from a Public Vaccination Program in Spain: A Case-Control Study.
2018-02Bacteria from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from children with suspected chronic lower respiratory tract infection: results from a multi-center, cross-sectional study in Spain.
2017Bacterial Diversity of the Gastric Content of Preterm Infants during Their First Month of Life at the Hospital.
2015Bacterial flora in the sputum and comorbidity in patients with acute exacerbations of COPD.
2017-11-27Bacteriological and Immunological Profiling of Meconium and Fecal Samples from Preterm Infants: A Two-Year Follow-Up Study.
2016Balance between sodium and calcium currents underlying chronic atrial fibrillation termination: An in silico intersubject variability study.
2017Balanced secretion of anti-CEA × anti-CD3 diabody chains using the 2A self-cleaving peptide maximizes diabody assembly and tumor-specific cytotoxicity.
2017Barriers to Clinical Research in Latin America.
2018-09-16Basaloid carcinoma of the esophagus: multimodal approach
2015-05-01Baseline ESSDAI Disease Activity States (DAS) in 1216 Patients with Primary Sjogren Syndrome: an Score at Diagnosis > 13 Predicts Poor Outcome
Brito-Zeron, P.; Kostov, B.; Solans, R.; Fraile, G.; Caravia-Duran, D.; Maure, B.; Rascon, F. J.; Villar-Navas, B.; Ripoll, M.; Pinilla, B.; Fonseca, E.; Akasbi, M.; Perez-de-Lis, M.; Jimenez-Heredia, I.; de la Red, G.; Gato, A.; Ramentol, M.; Ruedas, A.; Diaz-Lopez, B.; Pallares, L.; Gheitasi, H.; Ramos-Casals, M.; GEAS-SEMI; [Brito-Zeron, P.;Gheitasi, H.;Ramos-Casals, M.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Dept Autoimmune Dis, Lab Autoimmune Dis Josep Font, IDIBAPS,ICMiD, Barcelona, Spain; [Kostov, B.] Ctr Assistencia Primaria ABS Les Corts, IDIBAPS, GESCLIN, Primary Care Res Grp, Barcelona, Spain; [Solans, R.;Ramentol, M.] Hosp Valle De Hebron, Dept Internal Med, Barcelona, Spain; [Fraile, G.;Ruedas, A.] Hosp Ramon & Cajal, Dept Internal Med, E-28034 Madrid, Spain; [Caravia-Duran, D.;Diaz-Lopez, B.] Hosp Univ Cent Asturias, Dept Internal Med, Oviedo, Spain; [Maure, B.] Complejo Hosp Univ, Dept Internal Med, Vigo, Spain; [Rascon, F. J.;Pallares, L.] Hosp Son Espases, Dept Internal Med, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; [Villar-Navas, B.] Hosp Joan 23, Dept Internal Med, Tarragona, Spain; [Ripoll, M.] Hosp Infanta Sofia, Dept Internal Med, Madrid, Spain; [Pinilla, B.] Hosp Gen Gregorio Maranon, Dept Internal Med, Madrid, Spain; [Fonseca, E.] Hosp Cabuenes, Dept Internal Med, Gijon, Spain; [Akasbi, M.] Hosp Infanta Leonor, Dept Internal Med, Madrid, Spain; [Perez-de-Lis, M.] Hosp Meixoeiro, Dept Internal Med, Vigo, Spain; [Jimenez-Heredia, I.] Hosp Sagunto, Dept Internal Med, Valencia, Spain; [de la Red, G.] Hosp Esperit St, Dept Internal Med, Badalona, Spain; [Gato, A.] Complejo Hosp Albacete, Dept Internal Med, Albacete, Spain
2015-05-10Baseline study of morphometric traits of wild Capsicum annuum growing near two biosphere reserves in the Peninsula of Baja California for future conservation management.
2017-08-15Basic Sciences Fertilizing Clinical Microbiology and Infection Management.Baquero, Fernando
2017Basics in hip chondrolabral lesions and state of the art.El-Radi, Mohamed Abd; Marin-Peña, Oliver R; Said, Hatem Galal; Tey-Pons, Marc
2018Bayés' syndrome: Time to consider early anticoagulation?
2017Bcl3: a regulator of NF-κB inducible by TWEAK in acute kidney injury with anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic properties in tubular cells.
2016-01BDNF and NGF Signalling in Early Phases of Psychosis: Relationship With Inflammation and Response to Antipsychotics After 1 Year.
2018BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism and Gamma Band Disruption in Resting State Brain Functional Connectivity: A Magnetoencephalography Study in Cognitively Intact Older Females.
2018-07-20Behavior of hyperreflective foci in non-infectious uveitic macular edema, a 12-month follow-up prospective study.