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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Laboratory-based and office-based risk scores and charts to predict 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease in 182 countries: a pooled analysis of prospective cohorts and health surveys.
2015Lack of association between JAK3 gene polymorphisms and cardiovascular disease in Spanish patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
2016-03Lack of detection of human papillomavirus DNA in prostate carcinomas in patients from northeastern Brazil.
2017Lacosamide for refractory generalized tonic-clonic seizures of non-focal origin in clinical practice: A clinical and VEEG study.
2015-05Lactococcus garvieae endocarditis in a native valve identified by MALDI-TOF MS and PCR-based 16s rRNA in Spain: A case report.
2018Lamin A/C augments Th1 differentiation and response against vaccinia virus and Leishmania major.
2017LAMP kit for diagnosis of non-falciparum malaria in Plasmodium ovale infected patients.
2017Lanosterol Modulates TLR4-Mediated Innate Immune Responses in Macrophages.
2016Lanthanum carbonate oral powder: satisfaction, preference and adherence in French and Spanish patients with end-stage renal disease.Keith, Michael; de Sequera, Patricia; Clair, François; Pedersini, Riccardo
2016Laparoscopic radical cystectomy with prostate capsule sparing. Initial experience.
2016Laparoscopic treatment of retroperitoneal cystic mesothelioma. Two cases reported.
2019Laparoscopic ureteroureterostomy for treatment of retrocaval ureter.
2015-12Large cell neuroendocrine - Adenocarcinona mixed tumour of colon: Collision tumour with peculiar behaviour. What do we know about these tumours?
2015-06-05Large exonic deletions in POLR3B gene cause POLR3-related leukodystrophy.
2018Large-scale external validation and comparison of prognostic models: an application to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
2017Large-scale GWAS identifies multiple loci for hand grip strength providing biological insights into muscular fitness.
2018-02Late Presentation of an Unruptured and Calcified Pseudoaneurysm of The Atrioventricular Groove.Albarrán, Ali Ayaon; González, José Antonio Blázquez; Valdiris, Ulises Ramírez; García, José María Mesa
2018-12Late-Onset Facial Papular Elastorrhexis.
2017Latent class analysis of multimorbidity patterns and associated outcomes in Spanish older adults: a prospective cohort study.
2018Latent Impulsivity Subtypes in Substance Use Disorders and Interactions with Internalizing and Externalizing Co-Occurring Disorders.