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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Wandering spleen torsion-use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound.
2016-06["Warning! Oxygen is just makeup". Author's reply].Tagarro-García, Alfredo; Moreno-Pérez, David; Andrés Martín, Anselmo; Moreno-Galdó, Antonio
2017Watching TV has a distinct sociodemographic and lifestyle profile compared with other sedentary behaviors: A nationwide population-based study.
2017-03-31Wave intensity analysis and its application to the coronary circulation.
2017Wavelet Imaging on Multiple Scales (WIMS) reveals focal adhesion distributions, dynamics and coupling between actomyosin bundle stability.
2018WDR5 modulates cell motility and morphology and controls nuclear changes induced by a 3D environment.
2019-03Weaning practices in phenylketonuria vary between health professionals in Europe.
Pinto, A; Adams, S; Ahring, K; Allen, H; Almeida, M F; Garcia-Arenas, D; Arslan, N; Assoun, M; Atik Altınok, Y; Barrio-Carreras, D; Belanger Quintana, A; Bernabei, S M; Bontemps, C; Boyle, F; Bruni, G; Bueno-Delgado, M; Caine, G; Carvalho, R; Chrobot, A; Chyż, K; Cochrane, B; Correia, C; Corthouts, K; Daly, A; De Leo, S; Desloovere, A; De Meyer, A; De Theux, A; Didycz, B; Dijsselhof, M E; Dokoupil, K; Drabik, J; Dunlop, C; Eberle-Pelloth, W; Eftring, K; Ekengren, J; Errekalde, I; Evans, S; Foucart, A; Fokkema, L; François, L; French, M; Forssell, E; Gingell, C; Gonçalves, C; Gökmen Özel, H; Grimsley, A; Gugelmo, G; Gyüre, E; Heller, C; Hensler, R; Jardim, I; Joost, C; Jörg-Streller, M; Jouault, C; Jung, A; Kanthe, M; Koç, N; Kok, I L; Kozanoğlu, T; Kumru, B; Lang, F; Lang, K; Liegeois, I; Liguori, A; Lilje, R; Ļubina, O; Manta-Vogli, P; Mayr, D; Meneses, C; Newby, C; Meyer, U; Mexia, S; Nicol, C; Och, U; Olivas, S M; Pedrón-Giner, C; Pereira, R; Plutowska-Hoffmann, K; Purves, J; Re Dionigi, A; Reinson, K; Robert, M; Robertson, L; Rocha, J C; Rohde, C; Rosenbaum-Fabian, S; Rossi, A; Ruiz, M; Saligova, J; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, A; Schlune, A; Schulpis, K; Serrano-Nieto, J; Skarpalezou, A; Skeath, R; Slabbert, A; Straczek, K; Giżewska, M; Terry, A; Thom, R; Tooke, A; Tuokkola, J; van Dam, E; van den Hurk, T A M; van der Ploeg, E M C; Vande Kerckhove, K; Van Driessche, M; van Wegberg, A M J; van Wyk, K; Vasconcelos, C; Velez García, V; Wildgoose, J; Winkler, T; Żółkowska, J; Zuvadelli, J; MacDonald, A
2018-11-20Web Page Design Recommendations for People with Down Syndrome Based on Users' Experiences.Alonso-Virgós, Lucía; Rodríguez Baena, Luís; Pascual Espada, Jordán; González Crespo, Rubén
2015-05-07Weber-Christian disease with ileocolonic involvement successfully treated with infliximab.Miranda-Bautista, José; Fernández-Simón, Alejandro; Pérez-Sánchez, Isabel; Menchén, Luis
2017Weekend effect: a great problem with a potential solution.Abella, Ana; Lobo-Valbuena, Beatriz; Hómez, Marcela; Gordo, Federico
2018Weekends-off efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children, adolescents and young adults (BREATHER): Extended follow-up results of a randomised, open-label, non-inferiority trial.
2017Weighing of risk factors for penetrating keratoplasty graft failure: application of Risk Score System.
2015Wernicke's Encephalopathy, Wet Beriberi, and Polyneuropathy in a Patient with Folate and Thiamine Deficiency Related to Gastric Phytobezoar.Huertas-González, Nuria; Hernando-Requejo, Virgilio; Luciano-García, Zaida; Cervera-Rodilla, Juan Luis
2016-05-10Western view of the management of gastroesophageal foreign bodies.Burgos, Aurora; Rábago, Luis; Triana, Paloma
2017-12-08What does IGRA testing add to the diagnosis of ocular tuberculosis? A Bayesian latent class analysis.
2015What is Needed to Improve Food Sales in Schools? Food Vendors' Opinion from El Salvador.Hilari, Caroline; Franco, Margarita
2017What Is the Value of the Learning Curve in Endoscopic Balloon Dilatation of the Major Papilla?
2015What pulmonologists think about the asthma-COPD overlap syndrome.
2018-05What´s New in Orthopedic Surgery for People with Hemophilia.Rodriguez-Merchan, E Carlos
2018-04When aphasia is due to aphasic status epilepticus: a diagnostic challenge.