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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Wandering spleen torsion-use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound.
2016-06["Warning! Oxygen is just makeup". Author's reply].Tagarro-García, Alfredo; Moreno-Pérez, David; Andrés Martín, Anselmo; Moreno-Galdó, Antonio
2017Watching TV has a distinct sociodemographic and lifestyle profile compared with other sedentary behaviors: A nationwide population-based study.
2017-03-31Wave intensity analysis and its application to the coronary circulation.
2018WDR5 modulates cell motility and morphology and controls nuclear changes induced by a 3D environment.
2019-03Weaning practices in phenylketonuria vary between health professionals in Europe.
Pinto, A; Adams, S; Ahring, K; Allen, H; Almeida, M F; Garcia-Arenas, D; Arslan, N; Assoun, M; Atik Altınok, Y; Barrio-Carreras, D; Belanger Quintana, A; Bernabei, S M; Bontemps, C; Boyle, F; Bruni, G; Bueno-Delgado, M; Caine, G; Carvalho, R; Chrobot, A; Chyż, K; Cochrane, B; Correia, C; Corthouts, K; Daly, A; De Leo, S; Desloovere, A; De Meyer, A; De Theux, A; Didycz, B; Dijsselhof, M E; Dokoupil, K; Drabik, J; Dunlop, C; Eberle-Pelloth, W; Eftring, K; Ekengren, J; Errekalde, I; Evans, S; Foucart, A; Fokkema, L; François, L; French, M; Forssell, E; Gingell, C; Gonçalves, C; Gökmen Özel, H; Grimsley, A; Gugelmo, G; Gyüre, E; Heller, C; Hensler, R; Jardim, I; Joost, C; Jörg-Streller, M; Jouault, C; Jung, A; Kanthe, M; Koç, N; Kok, I L; Kozanoğlu, T; Kumru, B; Lang, F; Lang, K; Liegeois, I; Liguori, A; Lilje, R; Ļubina, O; Manta-Vogli, P; Mayr, D; Meneses, C; Newby, C; Meyer, U; Mexia, S; Nicol, C; Och, U; Olivas, S M; Pedrón-Giner, C; Pereira, R; Plutowska-Hoffmann, K; Purves, J; Re Dionigi, A; Reinson, K; Robert, M; Robertson, L; Rocha, J C; Rohde, C; Rosenbaum-Fabian, S; Rossi, A; Ruiz, M; Saligova, J; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, A; Schlune, A; Schulpis, K; Serrano-Nieto, J; Skarpalezou, A; Skeath, R; Slabbert, A; Straczek, K; Giżewska, M; Terry, A; Thom, R; Tooke, A; Tuokkola, J; van Dam, E; van den Hurk, T A M; van der Ploeg, E M C; Vande Kerckhove, K; Van Driessche, M; van Wegberg, A M J; van Wyk, K; Vasconcelos, C; Velez García, V; Wildgoose, J; Winkler, T; Żółkowska, J; Zuvadelli, J; MacDonald, A
2018-11-20Web Page Design Recommendations for People with Down Syndrome Based on Users' Experiences.Alonso-Virgós, Lucía; Rodríguez Baena, Luís; Pascual Espada, Jordán; González Crespo, Rubén
2015-05-07Weber-Christian disease with ileocolonic involvement successfully treated with infliximab.Miranda-Bautista, José; Fernández-Simón, Alejandro; Pérez-Sánchez, Isabel; Menchén, Luis
2017Weekend effect: a great problem with a potential solution.Abella, Ana; Lobo-Valbuena, Beatriz; Hómez, Marcela; Gordo, Federico
2018Weekends-off efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children, adolescents and young adults (BREATHER): Extended follow-up results of a randomised, open-label, non-inferiority trial.
2017Weighing of risk factors for penetrating keratoplasty graft failure: application of Risk Score System.
2015Wernicke's Encephalopathy, Wet Beriberi, and Polyneuropathy in a Patient with Folate and Thiamine Deficiency Related to Gastric Phytobezoar.Huertas-González, Nuria; Hernando-Requejo, Virgilio; Luciano-García, Zaida; Cervera-Rodilla, Juan Luis
2016-05-10Western view of the management of gastroesophageal foreign bodies.Burgos, Aurora; Rábago, Luis; Triana, Paloma
2017-12-08What does IGRA testing add to the diagnosis of ocular tuberculosis? A Bayesian latent class analysis.
2015What is Needed to Improve Food Sales in Schools? Food Vendors' Opinion from El Salvador.Hilari, Caroline; Franco, Margarita
2017What Is the Value of the Learning Curve in Endoscopic Balloon Dilatation of the Major Papilla?
2018-05What´s New in Orthopedic Surgery for People with Hemophilia.Rodriguez-Merchan, E Carlos
2015-03When should social service referral be considered in phenylketonuria?
2016-06-01When to Monitor CD4 Cell Count and HIV RNA to Reduce Mortality and AIDS-Defining Illness in Virologically Suppressed HIV-Positive Persons on Antiretroviral Therapy in High-Income Countries: A Prospective Observational Study.
2015-04Where and when should natural killer cells be tested in women with repeated implantation failure?