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2021Muscle Assessment by Ultrasonography: Agreement with Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) and Relationship with Physical Performance
2020-09-16Autochthonous leprosy in Spain: Has the transmission of Mycobacterium leprae stopped?
2019-12Comparative Study of Infliximab Versus Adalimumab in Refractory Uveitis due to Behçet's Disease: National Multicenter Study of 177 Cases
Atienza-Mateo, Belén; Martín-Varillas, José Luis; Calvo-Río, Vanesa; Demetrio-Pablo, Rosalía; Beltrán, Emma; Sánchez-Bursón, Juan; Mesquida, Marina; Adan, Alfredo; Hernández, María Victoria; Hernández-Garfella, Marisa; Valls-Pascual, Elia; Martínez-Costa, Lucía; Sellas-Fernández, Agustí; Cordero-Coma, Miguel; Díaz-Llopis, Manuel; Gallego, Roberto; García-Serrano, José L; Ortego-Centeno, Norberto; Herreras, José M; Fonollosa, Alejandro; Garcia-Aparicio, Ángel M; Maíz-Alonso, Olga; Blanco, Ana; Torre-Salaberri, Ignacio; Fernandez-Espartero, Cruz; Jovaní, Vega; Peiteado, Diana; Pato, Esperanza; Cruz, Juan; Férnandez-Cid, Carlos; Aurrecoechea, Elena; García-Arias, Miriam; Castañeda, Santos; Caracuel-Ruiz, Miguel A; Montilla-Morales, Carlos A; Atanes-Sandoval, Antonio; Francisco, Félix; Insua, Santos; González-Suárez, Senen; Sanchez-Andrade, Amalia; Gamero, Fernando; Linares Ferrando, Luis F; Romero-Bueno, F; García-González, A Javier; González, Raquel Almodóvar; Muro, Enrique Minguez; Carrasco-Cubero, Carmen; Olive, Alejandro; Prior, Águeda; Vázquez, Julio; Ruiz-Moreno, Oscar; Jiménez-Zorzo, Fernando; Manero, Javier; Muñoz Fernandez, Santiago; Fernández-Carballido, Cristina; Rubio-Romero, Esteban; Pages, Fred Antón; Toyos-Sáenz de Miera, Francisco J; Martinez, Myriam Gandia; Díaz-Valle, David; López Longo, Francisco J; Nolla, Joan M; Álvarez, Enrique Raya; Martínez, Marcelino Revenga; González-López, Julio José; Rodríguez-Cundin, Paz; Hernández, José L; González-Gay, Miguel A; Blanco, Ricardo; [Fernandez-Espartero, Cruz; Lopez Longo, Francisco J.] Hosp Univ Mostoles, Madrid, Spain.; [Peiteado, Diana] Hosp La Paz, Madrid, Spain.; [Pato, Esperanza; Diaz-Valle, David] Hosp Clin San Carlos, Madrid, Spain.; [Garcia-Arias, Miriam; Castaneda, Santos] Hosp Univ Princesa, IIS Princesa, Madrid, Spain.; [Javier Garcia-Gonzalez, A.] Hosp 12 Octubre, Inst Invest, Madrid, Spain.; [Almodovar Gonzalez, Raquel] Hosp Univ Fdn Alcorcon, Madrid, Spain.; [Muñoz Fernandez, Santiago] Hosp Univ Infanta Sofia, Madrid, Spain.; [Revenga Martinez, Marcelino; Jose Gonzalez-Lopez, Julio] Hosp Univ Ramon & Cajal, Madrid, Spain.
2017-06-01Convertirse en psicoterapeutaArroyo Guillamön, Rafael; [Arroyo Guillamön, Rafael] Hospital Universitario Infanta Sofía, España
2015-03-01Enfoque y manejo de la tartamudez
2017-10-01Awareness of Post-Surgical Adhesions among Gynecological Surgeons: Focus on the Surgical Management of Endometriosis
2017-10-01Virological dynamics and very early antiretroviral treatment
2017-06-01The decline of autochthonous leprosy in the Valencia Region of Spain: patterns and trends 1940-2015
2018-01-01Severe, life-threatening phenotype of primary Sjogren's syndrome: clinical characterisation and outcomes in 1580 patients (the GEAS-SS Registry)
Flores-Chavez, A.; Kostov, B.; Solans, R.; Fraile, G.; Maure, B.; Feijoo-Masso, C.; Rascon, F. -J.; Perez-Alvarez, R.; Zamora-Pasadas, M.; Garcia-Perez, A.; Lopez-Dupla, M.; Duarte-Millan, M. -A.; Ripoll, M.; Fonseca-Aizpuru, E.; Guisado-Vasco, P.; Pinilla, B.; de-la-Red, G.; Chamorro, A. -J.; Morcillo, C.; Fanlo, P.; Soto-Cardenas, M. J.; Retamozo, S.; Ramos-Casals, M.; Brito-Zeron, P.; GEAS-SS SEMI Registry; CERCA Programme/Generalitat de Catalunya; [Flores-Chavez, A.;Retamozo, S.;Ramos-Casals, M.;Brito-Zeron, P.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, ICMiD, IDIBAPS, Lab Autoimmune Dis Josep Font, Barcelona, Spain; [Flores-Chavez, A.] Mexican Inst Social Secur, Western Med Ctr, Specialties Hosp, Biomed Res Unit 02,Clin Epidemiol Res Unit,UMAE, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; [Flores-Chavez, A.] Univ Colima, Univ Ctr Biomed Res CUIB, Postgrad Program Med Sci, Colima, Mexico; [Kostov, B.] GESCLINIC, Ctr Assistencia Primaria ABS Corts, IDIBAPS, Primary Care Res Grp, Barcelona, Spain; [Solans, R.] Hosp Valle De Hebron, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Barcelona, Spain; [Fraile, G.] Hosp Ramon & Cajal, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [Maure, B.] Complejo Hosp Univ, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Vigo, Spain; [Feijoo-Masso, C.] Hosp Parc Tauli, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Sabadell, Spain; [Rascon, F. -J.] Hosp Son Espases, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Palma De Mallorca, Spain; [Perez-Alvarez, R.] Hosp Meixoeiro, Dept Internal Med, Vigo, Spain; [Zamora-Pasadas, M.] Hosp Virgen de las Nieves, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Granada, Spain; [Garcia-Perez, A.] Hosp Univ Cent Asturias, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Oviedo, Spain; [Lopez-Dupla, M.] Hosp Joan 23, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Tarragona, Spain; [Duarte-Millan, M. -A.] Hosp Fuenlabrada, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [Ripoll, M.] Hosp Infanta Sofia, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [Fonseca-Aizpuru, E.] Hosp Cabuenes, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Gijon, Spain; [Guisado-Vasco, P.] Complejo Hosp Rubel Juan Bravo, Dept Internal Med, Madrid, Spain; [Pinilla, B.] Hosp Gregorio Maranon, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [de-la-Red, G.] Hosp Esperit St, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Santa Coloma De Gramenet, Spain; [Chamorro, A. -J.] Hosp Univ Salamanca, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Salamanca, Spain; [Morcillo, C.;Brito-Zeron, P.] Hosp CIMA Sanitas, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Barcelona, Spain; [Fanlo, P.] Hosp Virgen del Camino, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Pamplona, Spain; [Soto-Cardenas, M. J.] Univ Cadiz, Dept Med, Cadiz, Spain; [Retamozo, S.] Inst Univ Biomed Sci Univ Cordoba IUCBC, Hosp Privado Univ Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina; [Ramos-Casals, M.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, ICMiD, Dept Autoimmune Dis, Barcelona, Spain; [Ramos-Casals, M.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Serv Malalties Autoimmunes Sistem, C Villarroel 170, Barcelona 08036, Spain
2015-04Systemic treatment of acute liver failure with adipose derived stem cells.
2018-12-29[Mortality attributed to hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia and geographical variability in Spain (1981-2016)].
2018-11Hyponatremia in children with pneumonia rarely means SIADH.
2015-01Medical diagnosis in resource-poor tropical countries.
2016-03Biocompatible Dialysis Solutions Preserve Peritoneal Mesothelial Cell and Vessel Wall Integrity. A Case-Control Study on Human Biopsies.
2015-02SMAD4 and TS expression might predict the risk of recurrence after resection of colorectal liver metastases.
2015-11Use of healthcare resources and costs of acute cardioembolic stroke management in the Region of Madrid: The CODICE Study.
2015-05Allergy to short-acting β2-agonists in a COPD patient: Is an immunological mechanism involved?
2015-01[Risk factors for infection in total knee artrhoplasty, including previously unreported intraoperative fracture and deep venous thrombosis].de Dios, M; Cordero-Ampuero, J; [de Dios, M] Servicio de Cirugia Ortopedica y Traumatologia, Hospital Infanta Sofia, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Espana; [Cordero-Ampuero, J] Servicio de Cirugia Ortopedica y Traumatologia, Hospital Universitario La Princesa, Madrid, Espana. Electronic address:
2015-08Maintenance Therapy with 3-monthly Bacillus Calmette-Guérin for 3 Years is Not Superior to Standard Induction Therapy in High-risk Non-muscle-invasive Urothelial Bladder Carcinoma: Final Results of Randomised CUETO Study 98013.
2017-01Application of a pattern of incremental haemodialysis, based on residual renal function, when starting renal replacement therapy.
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