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Title: Top-down characterization data on the speciation of the Candida albicans immunome in candidemia.
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Citation: Data Brief.2016 Mar;(6):257-61
Abstract: The characterization of pathogen-specific antigenic proteins at the protein species level is crucial in the development and molecular optimization of novel immunodiagnostics, vaccines or immunotherapeutics for infectious diseases. The major requirements to achieve this molecular level are to obtain 100% sequence coverage and identify all post-translational modifications of each antigenic protein species. In this article, we show nearly complete sequence information for five discrete antigenic species of Candida albicans Tdh3 (glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase), which have been reported to be differentially recognized both among candidemia patients and between candidemia and control patients. A comprehensive description of the top-down immunoproteomic strategy used for seroprofiling at the C. albicans protein species level in candidemia as well as for the chemical characterization of this immunogenic protein (based on high-resolution 2-DE, Western blotting, peptide mass fingerprinting, tandem mass spectrometry and de novo peptide sequencing) is also provided. The top-down characterization data on the speciation of the C. albicans immunome in candidemia presented here are related to our research article entitled "Seroprofiling at the Candida albicans protein species level unveils an accurate molecular discriminator for candidemia" (Pitarch et al., J. Proteomics, 2015,
PMID: 26862568
Rights: openAccess
ISSN: 2352-3409
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