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Title: Multiple sclerosis retrovirus-like envelope gene: Role of the chromosome 20 insertion.
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Citation: BBA Clin.2015 Jun;(3):162-7
Abstract: The genetic basis involved in multiple sclerosis (MS) susceptibility was not completely revealed by genome-wide association studies. Part of it could lie in repetitive sequences, as those corresponding to human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERVs). Retrovirus-like particles were isolated from MS patients and the genome of the MS-associated retrovirus (MSRV) was the founder of the HERV-W family. We aimed to ascertain which chromosomal origin encodes the pathogenic ENV protein by genomic analysis of the HERV-W insertions.
PMID: 26675450
Rights: openAccess
ISSN: 2214-6474
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