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Title: Quo Vadis Clozapine? A Bibliometric Study of 45 Years of Research in International Context.
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2015
Citation: Int J Mol Sci.2015 Sep;(16)9:23012-34
Abstract: We have carried out a bibliometric study about the international scientific publications on clozapine. We have used the EMBASE and MEDLINE databases, and we applied bibliometric indicators of production, as Price's Law on the increase of scientific literature. We also calculated the participation index (PI) of the different countries. The bibliometric data have also been correlated with some social and health data from the 12 most productive countries in biomedicine and health sciences. In addition, 5607 original documents dealing with clozapine, published between 1970 and 2013, were downloaded. Our results state non-fulfilment of Price's Law, with scientific production on clozapine showing linear growth (r=0.8691, vs. r=0.8478 after exponential adjustment). Seven of the 12 journals with the highest numbers of publications on clozapine have an Impact Factor>2. Among the countries generating clozapine research, the most prominent is the USA (PI=24.32), followed by the UK (PI=6.27) and Germany (PI=5.40). The differences among countries on clozapine research are significantly related to economic variables linked to research. The scientific interest in clozapine remains remarkable, although after the application of bibliometric indicators of production, a saturation point is evident in the growth of scientific literature on this topic.
PMID: 26404263
Rights: openAccess
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