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Title: Distinct Trafficking of Cell Surface and Endosomal TIM-1 to the Immune Synapse.
Issue Date: Nov-2015
Citation: Traffic.2015 Nov;(16)11:1193-207
Abstract: The T cell costimulatory molecule TIM-1 (T cell/transmembrane, mucin and immunoglobulin domain protein 1) sorts mainly to endosomes in lymphoid cells. At difference from the cell surface protein, endosomal TIM-1 translocates to the immune synapse (IS), where it can contribute to antigen-dependent T cell costimulation. TIM-1 ligands increase the amount of cell surface protein, preventing its traffic to the IS. The bipolar sorting of TIM-1 observed during IS formation is determined by differences in its subcellular location, and probably modulates antigen-driven immune responses.
PMID: 26332704
Rights: openAccess
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