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Title: Is it useful to increase dialysate flow rate to improve the delivered Kt?
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2015
Citation: BMC Nephrol.2015 Feb;(16):20
Abstract: Increasing dialysate flow rates (Qd) from 500 to 800 ml/min has been recommended to increase dialysis efficiency. A few publications show that increasing Qd no longer led to an increase in mass transfer area coefficient (KoA) or Kt/V measurement. Our objectives were: 1) Studying the effect in Kt of using a Qd of 400, 500, 700 ml/min and autoflow (AF) with different modern dialysers. 2) Comparing the effect on Kt of water consumption vs. dialysis time to obtain an individual objective of Kt (Ktobj) adjusted to body surface.
PMID: 25884763
Rights: openAccess
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