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2018-05-01Use of perampanel in treatment-resistant insomnia
2017-01Application of a pattern of incremental haemodialysis, based on residual renal function, when starting renal replacement therapy.
2018-02Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia: The Multimodal Approach of the Spanish ICU "Pneumonia Zero" Program.
2018Health care and societal costs of the management of children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in Spain: a descriptive analysis.
2018-01Electrical impedance tomography.Lobo, Beatriz; Hermosa, Cecilia; Abella, Ana; Gordo, Federico
2018Improving detection of patient deterioration in the general hospital ward environment.
2017-06Retrospective multicentre observational study on clinical management and treatment of different types of status epilepticus in clinical practice.
2017Psychopathology Related to Energy Drinks: A Psychosis Case Report.
2017-06Allergic contact dermatitis caused by poly(hexamethylene) biguanide hydrochloride in contact lens care solutions.
2017Assessment of pulmonary mechanics in mechanical ventilation.Gordo, Federico; Lobo-Valbuena, Beatriz
2017Weekend effect: a great problem with a potential solution.Abella, Ana; Lobo-Valbuena, Beatriz; Hómez, Marcela; Gordo, Federico
2016-09Transoral ultrasonic total laryngectomy (TOUSS-TL): description of a new endoscopic approach and report of two cases.
2016Personality traits in patients with cluster headache: a comparison with migraine patients.
2016Severe Psychosis, Drug Dependence, and Hepatitis C Related to Slamming Mephedrone.Dolengevich-Segal, Helen; Rodríguez-Salgado, Beatriz; Gómez-Arnau, Jorge; Sánchez-Mateos, Daniel
2016-11Serratia marcescens bacteraemia outbreak in haemodialysis patients with tunnelled catheters due to colonisation of antiseptic solution. Experience at 4 hospitals.
2016-04Understanding the priorities for women diagnosed with lymphangioleiomyomatosis: a patient perspective.
2015-12TransOral endoscopic UltraSonic Surgery (TOUSS): a preliminary report of a novel robotless alternative to TORS.Fernández-Fernández, Mario M; Montes-Jovellar, Lourdes; Parente Arias, Pablo Luis; Ortega Del Alamo, Primitivo
2015-04Topic: Incisional Hernia - "Easy case" as daily case: open vs lap, where the mesh, which fixation…in center midline cases.
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