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Title: MECP2 Duplications in Symptomatic Females: Report on 3 Patients Showing the Broad Phenotypic Spectrum.
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Citation: Child Neurol Open.;(3):2329048X16630673
Abstract: Xq28 microduplications including the MECP2 gene constitute a 100% penetrant X-linked syndrome in males caused by overexpression of normal MeCP2 protein. A small number of cases of affected females have been reported. This can be due to the location of the duplicated material into an autosome, but it can also be due to the location of the duplicated material into one of the X chromosomes and random or unfavorable skewed X chromosome inactivation, which is much more likely to occur but may be underdiagnosed because of the resulting broad phenotypic spectrum. In order to contribute to the phenotypic delineation of Xq28 microduplications including MECP2 in symptomatic females, the authors present clinical and molecular data on 3 patients illustrating the broad phenotypic spectrum. Our finding underlines the importance of quantitative analysis of MECP2 in females with intellectual disability and raises the question of the indication in females with borderline intellectual performances or learning difficulties.
PMID: 28503606
Rights: openAccess
ISSN: 2329-048X
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