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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-19Multicentre cohort study of acute cholecystitis management during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Martin-Varillas, J. L.; Calvo-Rio, V.; Sanchez-Bilbao, L.; Gonzalez-Mazon, I.; Adan, A.; Hernanz Rodriguez, I.; Gallego, A.; Beltran, E.; Castro, S.; Fanlo, P.; Garcia Martos, A.; Torre-Salaberri, I.; Cordero-Coma, M.; De Dios-Jimenez Aberasturi, J.; Garcia-Aparicio, A.; Hernandez-Garfella, M.; Sanchez-Andrade, A.; Garcia-Valle, A.; Maiz, O.; Miguelez, R.; Rodriguez Montero, S.; Urruticoechea-Arana, A.; Veroz Gonzalez, R.; Conesa, A.; Fernandez-Carballido, C.; Jovani, V.; Martinez Gonzalez, O.; Moya, P.; Romero-Yuste, S.; Rubio Munoz, P.; Pena Sainz-Pardo, E.; Gonzalez-Gay, M. A.; Hernandez, J. L.; Blanco, R.; [Martin-Varillas, J. L.] Hosp Sierrallana, Rheumatol, Torrelavega, Spain; [Calvo-Rio, V.] Hosp Univ Marques de Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Sanchez-Bilbao, L.] Hosp Univ Marques de Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Gonzalez-Mazon, I.] Hosp Univ Marques de Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Gonzalez-Gay, M. A.] Hosp Univ Marques de Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Hernandez, J. L.] Hosp Univ Marques de Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Blanco, R.] Hosp Univ Marques de Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Adan, A.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Ophthalmol, Barcelona, Spain; [Hernanz Rodriguez, I.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Ophthalmol, Barcelona, Spain; [Gallego, A.] Hosp Univ Badajoz, Rheumatol, Badajoz, Spain; [Beltran, E.] Hosp Mar, Rheumatol, Barcelona, Spain; [Castro, S.] Hosp Univ Joan XXIII, Rheumatol, Tarragona, Spain; [Fanlo, P.] Ctr Hosp Navarra, Internal Med, Navarra, Spain; [Garcia Martos, A.] Hosp Univ Tajo, Rheumatol, Madrid, Spain; [Torre-Salaberri, I.] Hosp Basurto, Rheumatol, Bilbao, Spain; [Cordero-Coma, M.] Ctr A Univ Leon, Ophthalmol, Leon, Spain; [De Dios-Jimenez Aberasturi, J.] Hosp Univ Alava, Rheumatol, Vitoria, Spain; [Garcia-Aparicio, A.] Ctr Hosp Univ Toledo, Rheumatol, Toledo, Spain; [Hernandez-Garfella, M.] Hosp Gen Univ Valencia, Ophthalmol, Valencia, Spain; [Sanchez-Andrade, A.] Hosp Lucus Augusti, Rheumatol, Lugo, Spain; [Garcia-Valle, A.] Ctr A Univ Palencia, Rheumatol, Palencia, Spain; [Maiz, O.] Hosp Univ Donostia, Rheumatol, San Sebastian, Spain; [Miguelez, R.] Hosp Mostoles, Rheumatol, Madrid, Spain; [Rodriguez Montero, S.] Hosp Univ Virgen de Valme, Rheumatol, Seville, Spain; [Urruticoechea-Arana, A.] Hosp Can Misses, Rheumatol, Ibiza, Spain; [Veroz Gonzalez, R.] Hosp Merida, Rheumatol, Merida, Spain; [Conesa, A.] Hosp Gen Univ Castellon, Rheumatol, Castellon de La Plana, Spain; [Fernandez-Carballido, C.] Hosp San Juan, Rheumatol, Alicante, Spain; [Jovani, V.] Hosp Gen Univ Alicante, Rheumatol, Alicante, Spain; [Martinez Gonzalez, O.] Hosp Ctr Univ Salamanca, Rheumatol, Salamanca, Spain; [Moya, P.] Hosp Santa Creu & Sant Pau, Rheumatol, Barcelona, Spain; [Romero-Yuste, S.] Ctr Hosp Univ Pontevedra, Rheumatol, Pontevedra, Spain; [Rubio Munoz, P.] Hosp Esperit St, Rheumatol, Barcelona, Spain; [Pena Sainz-Pardo, E.] Hosp Univ 12 Octubre, Pediat, Madrid, Spain
2020-11-16Mortality and other adverse outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus admitted for COVID-19 in association with glucose-lowering drugs: a nationwide cohort study.
2021-11-20Morphological predictors for microsatellite instability in urothelial carcinoma.
2021-04-19Lung Deposition and Inspiratory Flow Rate in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Using Different Inhalation Devices: A Systematic Literature Review and Expert Opinion.
2021-10-02Long-term survival of mechanically ventilated patients with severe COVID-19: an observational cohort study.
2018-10-30Litiasis due to 2,8-dihydroxyadenine, usefulness of the genetic study.Jiménez Herrero, M Carmen; Petkov Stoyanov, Vladimir; Gutiérrez Sánchez, M José; Martín Navarro, Juan A
2018-02-07Lack of correlation between left ventricular outflow tract velocity time integral and stroke volume index in mechanically ventilated patients.
2020-01-23Kaposi sarcoma in patients on tumour necrosis factor alpha inhibitors: a case-noncase study.Sáinz-Gil, M; Rodríguez-Jiménez, P; Cárdaba, M E; Martín Arias, L H
2019International Epidemiological Differences in Acute Poisonings in Pediatric Emergency Departments.