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Title: Decompensated liver cirrhosis and neural regulation of mesenteric vascular tone in rats: role of sympathetic, nitrergic and sensory innervations.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Sci Rep.2016 08;(6):31076
Abstract: We evaluated the possible alterations produced by liver cholestasis (LC), a model of decompensated liver cirrhosis in sympathetic, sensory and nitrergic nerve function in rat superior mesenteric arteries (SMA). The vasoconstrictor response to electrical field stimulation (EFS) was greater in LC animals. Alpha-adrenoceptor antagonist phentolamine and P2 purinoceptor antagonist suramin decreased this response in LC animals more than in control animals. Both non-specific nitric oxide synthase (NOS) L-NAME and calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) (8-37) increased the vasoconstrictor response to EFS more strongly in LC than in control segments. Vasomotor responses to noradrenaline (NA) or CGRP were greater in LC segments, while NO analogue DEA-NO induced a similar vasodilation in both experimental groups. The release of NA was not modified, while those of ATP, nitrite and CGRP were increased in segments from LC. Alpha 1 adrenoceptor, Rho kinase (ROCK) 1 and 2 and total myosin phosphatase (MYPT) expressions were not modified, while alpha 2B adrenoceptor, nNOS expression and nNOS and MYPT phosphorylation were increased by LC. Together, these alterations might counteract the increased splanchnic vasodilation observed in the last phases of decompensated liver cirrhosis.
PMID: 27484028
Rights: openAccess
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