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2019-08-29Final Phase in the Validation of the Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Hair-Specific Skindex-29 Questionnaire Into Spanish: Sensitivity to Change and Correlation With the 12-Item Short-Form Health Survey.
2019-09-11Synthesis of Highly Efficient Multivalent Disaccharide/[60]Fullerene Nanoballs for Emergent Viruses.
2020Next-generation sequencing for tumor mutation quantification using liquid biopsies.
2019-09-03Overcoming the stability, toxicity, and biodegradation challenges of tumor stimuli-responsive inorganic nanoparticles for delivery of cancer therapeutics.Paris, Juan L; Baeza, Alejandro; Vallet-Regí, María
2019-08-21Rapid subacute myelopathy following kidney transplantation from HTLV-1 donors: role of immunosuppresors and failure of antiretrovirals.
2019-08-05Ocoxin Modulates Cancer Stem Cells and M2 Macrophage Polarization in Glioblastoma.
2019-08-26Neuromonitoring in the severe traumatic brain injury. Spanish Trauma ICU Registry (RETRAUCI).
2019-08-28Antibacterial Nanostructured Ti Coatings by Magnetron Sputtering: From Laboratory Scales to Industrial Reactors.
2019Effect of Aflibercept Plus Modified FOLFOX6 Induction Chemotherapy Before Standard Chemoradiotherapy and Surgery in Patients With High-Risk Rectal Adenocarcinoma: The GEMCAD 1402 Randomized Clinical Trial.
2019-08-28Multistate Models: Accurate and Dynamic Methods to Improve Predictions of Thrombotic Risk in Patients with Cancer.
2018-07-20Monitoring nutrition in the ICU.
2019-06-25Assembly of Multicomponent Nano-Bioconjugates Composed of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles, Proteins, and Gold Nanoparticles.
2019-08-23Influence of the length of hospitalisation in post-discharge outcomes in patients with acute heart failure: Results of the LOHRCA study.
Miró, Òscar; Padrosa, Joan; Takagi, Koji; Gayat, Étienne; Gil, Víctor; Llorens, Pere; Martín-Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Herrero-Puente, Pablo; Jacob, Javier; Montero, María Mir; Tost, Josep; Díez, María Pilar López; Traveria, Lissete; Torres-Gárate, Raquel; Alonso, María Isabel; Agüera, Carmen; Valero, Amparo; Javaloyes, Patricia; Peacock, W Frank; Bueno, Héctor; Mebazaa, Alexandre; ICA-SEMES Research Group; Fuentes, Marta; Gil, Cristina; Alonso, Héctor; Garmila, Pablo; García, Guillermo Llopis; Yáñez-Palma, María Cecilia; López, Sergio Iglesias; Escoda, Rosa; Xipell, Carolina; Sánchez, Carolina; Gaytan, Josep María; Pérez-Durá, María José; Salvo, Eva; Pavón, José; Noval, Antonio; Torres, José Manuel; López-Grima, María Luisa; Valero, Amparo; Juan, Marian Ángeles; Aguirre, Alfons; Morales, Julián Errasti; Masó, Silvia Mínguez; Alonso, María Isabel; Ruiz, Francisco; Franco, José Miguel; Mecina, Ana Belén; Tost, Josep; Sánchez, Susana; Carbajosa, Virginia; Piñera, Pascual; Nicolás, José Andrés Sánchez; Garate, Raquel Torres; Alquezar, Aitor; Rizzi, Miguel Alberto; Herrera, Sergio; Roset, Alex; Cabello, Irene; Richard, Fernando; Pérez, José María Álvarez; Diez, María Pilar López; Álvarez, Joaquín Vázquez; García, Belén Prieto; Sánchez González, María García García yMarta; Javaloyes, Patricia; Marquina, Víctor; Jiménez, Inmaculada; Hernández, Néstor; Brouzet, Benjamín; Ramos, Sergio; López, Ana; Andueza, Juan Antonio; Romero, Rodolfo; Ruíz, Martín; Calvache, Roberto; Lorca, María Teresa; Calderón, Luis; Arriaga, Beatriz Amores; Sierra, Beatriz; Mojarro, Enrique Martín; Bécquer, Lisette Travería; Burillo, Guillermo; García, Lluís Llauger; LaSalle, Gerard Corominas; Urbano, Carmen Agüera; Soto, Ana Belén García; Padial, Elisa Delgado; Ferrer, Ester Soy; Garrido, Manuel; Lucas, Francisco Javier; Gaya, Rut; Bibiano, Carlos; Mir, María; Rodríguez, Beatriz; Sánchez, Natalia; Carballo, José Luis; Rodríguez-Adrada, Esther; Rodríguez, Belén
2019-08-27Role of TLR4 (Toll-Like Receptor 4) in N1/N2 Neutrophil Programming After Stroke.
2019-08-23Nanocarrier Lipid Composition Modulates the Impact of Pulmonary Surfactant Protein B (SP-B) on Cellular Delivery of siRNA.
2019-08-24Nutritional Challenges in Metabolic Syndrome.Hoyas, Irene; Leon-Sanz, Miguel
2019Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillators in patients with left ventricular assist devices: case report and comprehensive review.López-Gil, María; Fontenla, Adolfo; Delgado, Juan F; Rodríguez-Muñoz, Daniel
2019-08-26Choice of the initial antiretroviral treatment for HIV-positive individuals in the era of integrase inhibitors.
2018-12-01Oral vinorelbine versus etoposide with cisplatin and chemo-radiation as treatment in patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer: A randomized phase II (RENO study).
2019-08-24Improvement of Redox State and Functions of Immune Cells as Well as of Behavioral Response in Aged Mice After Two-Week Supplementation of Fermented Milk with Probiotics.Hunsche, Caroline; Cruces, Julia; De la Fuente, Mónica
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4215