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Title: Efficacy and tolerability of lacosamide for secondary epileptic seizures in patients with brain tumor: A multicenter, observational retrospective study.
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Citation: Oncol Lett.2017 Jun;(13)6:4093-4100
Abstract: The present observational, multicenter, retrospective study investigated the efficacy and tolerability of lacosamide in controlling secondary epileptic seizures in patients with brain tumors in Spain. Data from the medical records of patients ≥18 years of age with brain tumors, who had received at least one dose of lacosamide for seizure management between July 2013 and November 2013, were collected. The primary and secondary objectives of the present study were to assess the effectiveness and tolerability of lacosamide. Data from 39 patients (mean age, 54.1 years; 66.7% male) were collected, where the two main reasons for initiation of lacosamide treatment were the lack of efficacy of other antiepileptic drugs (in 76.9% of patients) and the presence of adverse events (12.8%) associated with other antiepileptic drugs. At the initiation of treatment, patients received a mean lacosamide dose of 138.5±68.3 mg/day. At 6 months, lacosamide had significantly reduced the mean number of seizures from 26.4 (standard deviation [SD], 50.4) seizures for the 6 months prior to lacosamide initiation to a mean of 9.4 (SD, 22.8) seizures during the 6 months subsequent to lacosamide initiation; P<0.001. Lacosamide was generally well tolerated; of the 25 patients who had complete safety data available at a 6-month follow-up, 3 patients (12%) reported an adverse event, including dizziness, asthenia, instability and irritability. The present retrospective analysis suggested that lacosamide is an effective and well-tolerated treatment in patients experiencing seizures due to brain tumors. Additional prospective studies with a larger patient population and randomized trial design are warranted.
PMID: 28599411
Rights: openAccess
ISSN: 1792-1074
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