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2015-01-01Diagnósticos de enfermería de mayor frecuencia en reingresos del paciente trasplantado renal
2015-01-01Compromiso de Enfermería en la seguridad del paciente con tratamiento renal sustitutivo de hemodiálisis: detección del riesgo de caídas
2015-01-01Eficacia de heparina de bajo peso molecular según la vía de administración en la hemodiálisis de alto flujo y hemodiafiltración en línea
2015-03-01Porfiria cutánea tarda en un paciente VIH: ¿papel secundario o protagonista del virus?
2018-03-01Highly frequent users at the psychiatric emergency services: What are their differential characteristics?
2018-08-01Aortitis among surgical ascending aortic aneurysms: an overview
2018-09-20Headache education and management in a multi centric study Cameroon
2018-10-01Real-world persistence of E/C/F/TAF versus DTG+ABC/3TC regimens for treatment of HIV in a large Spanish cohort: VACH
2018-09-01Optimization Protocol for Adalimumab Treatment in Refractory Uveitis Due to Behcet's Disease
Luis Martin-Varillas, Jose; Atienza-Mateo, Belen; Calvo-Rio, Vanesa; Pena, Diana Prieto; Calderon Goercke, Monica; Pena Sainz-Pardo, Eva; Beltran, Emma; Burson, Juan Sanchez, Sr.; Victoria Hernandez, M.; Adan, Alfredo; Mesquida, Marina; Hernandez, Marisa; Valls-Pascual, Elia; Martinez-Costa, Lucia; Sellas-FernandeztO, Agusti; Conlero-Coma, Miguel; Diaz-Llopis, Manuel; Gallego, Roberto; Salom-, David; Ortego Centeno, Norberto; Garcia Serrano, Jose L.; Callejas-Rubio, Jose-Luis; Herreras, Jose M.; Garcia-Aparicio, Angel; Maiz, Olga; Blanco, Ana; Tbrre-Salaberri, Ignacio; Diaz-Valle, David; Pat Cour, Lsperanza; Aurrecoechea, Elena; Caracuel, Miguel A.; Gamero, Fernando; Minguez, Enrique; Carrasco-Cubero, Carmen; Olive-Marques, Alejandro; Ruiz Moreno, Oscar; Manero, Javier; Vazquez, Julio; Munoz Fernandez, Santiago; Gandia, Myriam; Rubio-Romero, Esteban; Toyos, Francisco; Lopez Longo, Francisco Javier; Miguel Nolla, Joan; Revenga Martinez, Marcelino; Loricera, Javier; Demetrio-Pablo, Rosalia; Pons, Enar; Luis Hernandez, Jose; González-Gay, Miguel Ángel; Blanco, Ricardo; [Luis Martin-Varillas, Jose;Atienza-Mateo, Belen;Calvo-Rio, Vanesa;Pena, Diana Prieto;Calderon Goercke, Monica;Pons, Enar;Blanco, Ricardo] Univ Cantabria, IDIVAL, Hosp Univ Marques Valdecilla, Rheumatol, Santander, Spain; [Pena Sainz-Pardo, Eva;Loricera, Javier;Demetrio-Pablo, Rosalia;Luis Hernandez, Jose;Angel Gonzalez-Gay, Miguel] Univ Cantabria, IDIVAL, Hosp Univ Marques Valdecilla, Santander, Spain; [Beltran, Emma] Hosp del Mar, Rheumatol, Barcelona, Spain; [Burson, Juan Sanchez, Sr.] Hosp Valme Sevilla, Rheumatol, Seville, Spain; [Victoria Hernandez, M.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Rheumatol, Barcelona, Spain; [Adan, Alfredo;Mesquida, Marina] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain; [Hernandez, Marisa] Hosp Gen Univ Valencia, Ophthalmol, Valencia, Spain; [Valls-Pascual, Elia;Martinez-Costa, Lucia] Hosp Univ Doctor Peset, Valencia, Spain; [Sellas-FernandeztO, Agusti] Vall dHebron Hosp Res Inst, Barcelona, Spain; [Conlero-Coma, Miguel] Hosp Leon, Ophthalmol, Leon, Spain; [Diaz-Llopis, Manuel;Gallego, Roberto;Salom-, David] Hosp Univ La Fe, Valencia, Spain; [Ortego Centeno, Norberto] Hosp Univ San Cecilio, Med Dept, Granada, Spain; [Garcia Serrano, Jose L.] Hosp Univ San Cecilio, Ophthalmol, Granada, Spain; [Callejas-Rubio, Jose-Luis] Hosp Univ San Cecilio, Granada, Spain; [Herreras, Jose M.] Hosp Univ, IOBA, Ophthalmol, Valladolid, Spain; [Garcia-Aparicio, Angel] Hosp Toledo, Rheumatol, Toledo, Spain; [Maiz, Olga] Hosp Univ Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain; [Blanco, Ana] Hosp Univ Donostia, Ophtamol, San Sebastian, Spain; [Tbrre-Salaberri, Ignacio] Hosp Univ Basurto, Rheumatol, Bilbao, Spain; [Diaz-Valle, David] Hosp Clin San Carlos, Madrid, Spain; [Pat Cour, Lsperanza] Hosp Clin San Carlos, Rheumatol, Madrid, Spain; [Aurrecoechea, Elena] Hosp Sierrallana, Rheumatol, Torrelavega, Spain; [Caracuel, Miguel A.] Hosp Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain; [Gamero, Fernando] Hosp San Pedro Alcantara, Rheumatol, Caceres, Spain; [Minguez, Enrique] Hosp Clin Zaragoza, Ophthalmol, Zaragoza, Spain; [Carrasco-Cubero, Carmen] Hosp Merida, Merida, Spain; [Olive-Marques, Alejandro] Hosp Univ Germans Trias i Pujol, Rheumatol, Badalona, Spain; [Ruiz Moreno, Oscar] Hosp Miguel Servet, Ophthalmol & Rheumatol, Zaragoza, Spain; [Vazquez, Julio] Hosp Ferrol, Rheumatol, La Coruna, Spain; [Munoz Fernandez, Santiago] Hosp Univ Infanta Sofia, San Sebastian De Reyes, Madrid, Spain; [Gandia, Myriam] Hosp Puerta del Mar, Rheumatol, Cadiz, Spain; [Rubio-Romero, Esteban] Hosp Univ Virgen del Rocio, Seville, Spain; [Toyos, Francisco] Hosp Univ Virgen de ls Macarena, Rheumatol, Seville, Spain; [Lopez Longo, Francisco Javier] Hosp Gen Univ Gregorio Maranon, Rheumatol Dept, Madrid, Spain; [Miguel Nolla, Joan] Hosp Univ Bellvitge, Rheumatol, Barcelona, Spain; [Revenga Martinez, Marcelino] Hosp Univ Raman y Cajal, Madrid, Spain
2018-09-01The Role of Fear-Avoidance Model on Pain and Disability in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients
2018-09-01Indicator Opportunistic Infections after Biological Treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis, 10 Years Follow up in Clinical Practice
2018-10-01Vitamin D levels and epidemiology of multiple sclerosis in Spain: Madrid vs Lanzarote
2018-09-01Association between therapeutic drug monitoring reports and dispensation of antiepileptic and antibiotic drugs in a tertiary hospital in the period 2009-2017
2018-09-01How to reconcile the therapeutic needs of the population with the personalized medicine challenge
2017-02-01Rectal versus left-sided colon cancers: Clinicopathological differences observed in a pooled analysis of 4,182 patients enrolled to 8 clinical trials from the ARCAD database
2017-08-01Use of corticosteroids in the prophylaxis of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery (ECOFA study)
2018-06-01Permantent lymphopenia and risk of PML in MS patients in real word
2018-06-01Delayed diagnosis in narcolepsy
2018-05-01Transition from a cardiology hospitalization ward to heart failure units. Profile of the patient referred for the first time
2016-06-01Tension-type headache over-diagnosis in the emergency department setting
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 110