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Title: 3' Uridylation controls mature microRNA turnover during CD4 T-cell activation.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: RNA.2017 06;(23)6:882-891
Abstract: Activation of T lymphocytes requires a tight regulation of microRNA (miRNA) expression. Terminal uridyltransferases (TUTases) catalyze 3' nontemplated nucleotide addition (3'NTA) to miRNAs, which may influence miRNA stability and function. Here, we investigated 3'NTA to mature miRNA in CD4 T lymphocytes by deep sequencing. Upon T-cell activation, miRNA sequences bearing terminal uridines are specifically decreased, concomitantly with down-regulation of TUT4 and TUT7 enzymes. Analyzing TUT4-deficient T lymphocytes, we proved that this terminal uridyltransferase is essential for the maintenance of miRNA uridylation in the steady state of T lymphocytes. Analysis of synthetic uridylated miRNAs shows that 3' addition of uridine promotes degradation of these uridylated miRNAs after T-cell activation. Our data underline post-transcriptional uridylation as a mechanism to fine-tune miRNA levels during T-cell activation.
PMID: 28351886
Rights: openAccess
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