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2018-01-01Severe, life-threatening phenotype of primary Sjogren's syndrome: clinical characterisation and outcomes in 1580 patients (the GEAS-SS Registry)
Flores-Chávez, Alejandra; Kostov, B.; Solans, R.; Fraile, G.; Maure, B.; Feijoo-Massó, Carlos; Rascón, Francisco-Javier; Pérez-Alvarez, Roberto; Zamora-Pasadas, M.; Garcia-Perez, A.; López-Dupla, Miguel; Duarte Millan, Miguel Angel; Ripoll, M.; Fonseca-Aizpuru, E.; Guisado-Vasco, Pablo; Pinilla, B.; De la Red Bellvis, Gloria; Chamorro, Antonio-J.; Morcillo, C.; Fanlo Mateo, Patricia; Soto-Cárdenas, Mª José; Retamozo, S.; Ramos-Casals, Manuel; Brito-Zerón, Pilar; GEAS-SEMI; CERCA Programme/Generalitat de Catalunya; [Flores-Chavez, A.;Retamozo, S.;Ramos-Casals, M.;Brito-Zeron, P.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, ICMiD, IDIBAPS, Lab Autoimmune Dis Josep Font, Barcelona, Spain; [Flores-Chavez, A.] Mexican Inst Social Secur, Western Med Ctr, Specialties Hosp, Biomed Res Unit 02,Clin Epidemiol Res Unit,UMAE, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; [Flores-Chavez, A.] Univ Colima, Univ Ctr Biomed Res CUIB, Postgrad Program Med Sci, Colima, Mexico; [Kostov, B.] GESCLINIC, Ctr Assistencia Primaria ABS Corts, IDIBAPS, Primary Care Res Grp, Barcelona, Spain; [Solans, R.] Hosp Valle De Hebron, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Barcelona, Spain; [Fraile, G.] Hosp Ramon & Cajal, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [Maure, B.] Complejo Hosp Univ, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Vigo, Spain; [Feijoo-Masso, C.] Hosp Parc Tauli, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Sabadell, Spain; [Rascon, F. -J.] Hosp Son Espases, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Palma De Mallorca, Spain; [Perez-Alvarez, R.] Hosp Meixoeiro, Dept Internal Med, Vigo, Spain; [Zamora-Pasadas, M.] Hosp Virgen de las Nieves, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Granada, Spain; [Garcia-Perez, A.] Hosp Univ Cent Asturias, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Oviedo, Spain; [Lopez-Dupla, M.] Hosp Joan 23, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Tarragona, Spain; [Duarte-Millan, M. -A.] Servicio de Medicina Interna, Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [Ripoll, M.] Hosp Infanta Sofia, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [Fonseca-Aizpuru, E.] Hosp Cabuenes, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Gijon, Spain; [Guisado-Vasco, P.] Complejo Hosp Rubel Juan Bravo, Dept Internal Med, Madrid, Spain; [Pinilla, B.] Hosp Gregorio Maranon, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Madrid, Spain; [de-la-Red, G.] Hosp Esperit St, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Santa Coloma De Gramenet, Spain; [Chamorro, A. -J.] Hosp Univ Salamanca, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Salamanca, Spain; [Morcillo, C.;Brito-Zeron, P.] Hosp CIMA Sanitas, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Barcelona, Spain; [Fanlo, P.] Hosp Virgen del Camino, Syst Autoimmune Dis Unit, Pamplona, Spain; [Soto-Cardenas, M. J.] Univ Cadiz, Dept Med, Cadiz, Spain; [Retamozo, S.] Inst Univ Biomed Sci Univ Cordoba IUCBC, Hosp Privado Univ Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina; [Ramos-Casals, M.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, ICMiD, Dept Autoimmune Dis, Barcelona, Spain; [Ramos-Casals, M.] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Serv Malalties Autoimmunes Sistem, C Villarroel 170, Barcelona 08036, Spain
2017-02-01Practical aspects for high resolution esophageal manometry
de Leon San Juan, Antonio Ruiz; Ciriza de los Rios, Constanza; de la Serna Bueno, Julio Perez; Canga Rodriguez-Valcarcel, Fernando; Estremera Arevalo, Fermin; Garcia Sanchez, Raquel; Huaman Rios, Jose Walter; Perez Fernandez, Maria Teresa; Santander Vaquero, Cecilio; Serra Pueyo, Jordi; Sevilla Mantilla, Concepcion; Barba Orozco, Elisabeth; Bosque Lopez, Maria Jose; Casabona Frances, Sergio; Carrion Bolorino, Silvia; Castillo Grau, Pilar; Delgado Aros, Silvia; Dominguez Carbajo, Ana Belen; Fernandez Orcajo, Pilar; Garcia Lledo, Javier; Giganto Tome, Froilan; Iglesias Picazo, Rosa; Lacima Vidal, Gloria; Lopez Lopez, Pilar; Llabres Rossello, Magdalena; Mas Mercader, Pilar; Mego Silva, Marianela; Mendarte Barrenetxea, Maria Usua; Miliani Molina, Carlos; Oreja Arrayago, Milagros; Sanchez Ceballos, Francisco; Sanchez Prudencio, Sandra; [de Leon San Juan, Antonio Ruiz;de la Serna Bueno, Julio Perez;Sevilla Mantilla, Concepcion;Sanchez Ceballos, Francisco] Hosp Clin San Carlos, Madrid, Spain; [Ciriza de los Rios, Constanza;Canga Rodriguez-Valcarcel, Fernando] Hosp Univ 12 Octubre, Madrid, Spain; [Estremera Arevalo, Fermin;Iglesias Picazo, Rosa;Oreja Arrayago, Milagros] Complejo Hosp Navarra, Navarra, Spain; [Garcia Sanchez, Raquel] Hosp Sanitas La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain; [Huaman Rios, Jose Walter] Hosp Gen Cataluna, Barcelona, Spain; [Perez Fernandez, Maria Teresa;Santander Vaquero, Cecilio;Serra Pueyo, Jordi;Casabona Frances, Sergio] Hosp La Princesa, Madrid, Spain; [Perez Fernandez, Maria Teresa;Santander Vaquero, Cecilio;Serra Pueyo, Jordi;Casabona Frances, Sergio] Hosp Badalona Germans Trias & Pujol, Barcelona, Spain; [Barba Orozco, Elisabeth;Mego Silva, Marianela] Hosp Valle De Hebron, Barcelona, Spain; [Bosque Lopez, Maria Jose;Llabres Rossello, Magdalena] Hosp Univ Son Espases, Palma De Mallorca, Spain; [Carrion Bolorino, Silvia] Hosp Mataro, Barcelona, Spain; [Castillo Grau, Pilar] Hosp Univ La Paz, Madrid, Spain; [Delgado Aros, Silvia] Hosp del Mar, Barcelona, Spain; [Dominguez Carbajo, Ana Belen] Complejo Hosp Leon, Leon, Spain; [Fernandez Orcajo, Pilar] Hosp Rio Hortega, Valladolid, Spain; [Garcia Lledo, Javier] Hosp Gen Univ Gregorio Maranon, Madrid, Spain; [Giganto Tome, Froilan;Lacima Vidal, Gloria] Hosp Univ Cent Asturias, Oviedo, Spain; [Giganto Tome, Froilan;Lacima Vidal, Gloria] Hosp Clin Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain; [Lopez Lopez, Pilar] Hosp Univ Donostia, Donostia San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa, Spain; [Mas Mercader, Pilar;Mendarte Barrenetxea, Maria Usua] Hosp Clin Univ, Valencia, Spain; [Miliani Molina, Carlos] Hosp Alcorcon, Clin La Luz, Madrid, Spain; [Sanchez Prudencio, Sandra] Infanta Cristina, Madrid, Spain; [Ciriza de los Rios, Constanza] Hosp Univ 12 Octubre, Serv Aparato Digest, Avda Cordoba S-N, Madrid 28041, Spain
2018-10-30Shared Features of Endothelial Dysfunction between Sepsis and Its Preceding Risk Factors (Aging and Chronic Disease).
2018-10Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: Beyond Clinical Practice Guidelines-A Multidisciplinary (SEMI-SEOM-SETH) Expert Consensus.
2016-07Normal-appearing brain tissue analysis in radiologically isolated syndrome using 3 T MRI.
2018-08Erratum to «Consensus document. Management of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Clinical practice guideline» [Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2018;41(5):328-349].
2015-02A patient care program for adjusting the autoinjector needle depth according to subcutaneous tissue thickness in patients with multiple sclerosis receiving subcutaneous injections of glatiramer acetate.
2015γδ T Lymphocytes in the Diagnosis of Human T Cell Receptor Immunodeficiencies.
2015-06Patient-derived olfactory mucosa for study of the non-neuronal contribution to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis pathology.
2015-05-07National trends in incidence and outcomes of abdominal aortic aneurysm among elderly type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic patients in Spain (2003-2012).
2015-12In vitro and non-invasive in vivo effects of the cannabinoid-1 receptor agonist AM841 on gastrointestinal motor function in the rat.
2015The Vallecas Project: A Cohort to Identify Early Markers and Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease.
2015Time trends in coronary revascularization procedures among people with COPD: analysis of the Spanish national hospital discharge data (2001-2011).
2015Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Electrolysis and Eccentric Exercises for Subacromial Pain Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
2015Time Trends in Ischemic Stroke among Type 2 Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients: Analysis of the Spanish National Hospital Discharge Data (2003-2012).
2016-03Gray Matter Involvement in Radiologically Isolated Syndrome.
2016-05Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection: An Observational Population-Based Study in Spain From 2001 to 2012.
2016Prevention of vaginal and rectal herpes simplex virus type 2 transmission in mice: mechanism of antiviral action.
2016-07-21Erratum to: National trends in incidence and outcomes of abdominal aortic aneurysm among elderly type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic patients in Spain (2003-2012).
2016Fifteen-Year Trends in the Prevalence of Diabetes among Hospitalized HIV-Infected Patients in Spain (1997-2012).
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 793