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Title: Ipsilateral Arteriovenous Loop and Latissimus Dorsi Free Flap for Knee Reconstruction in an Elderly Patient: A Case Report.
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Citation: World J Plast Surg.2018 Sep;(7)3:377-381
Abstract: Herein, we report an unusual indication of an arteriovenous (AV) loop with a latissimus dorsi free flap after wound-edge necrosis in an 81 year old patient. The patient underwent multiple revision procedures after total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty. After a dramatic reduction of femoral bone, a total femoral replacement was performed. The lateral knee incision wound was broke down and the hardware became exposed. Local flaps were not available and a free flap with an ipsilateral AV loop from the great saphenous vein was used to cover the large defect. The functional status of the hip and knee joints was good after 6 months, and enough the patient was able to ambulate without any assistance. The patient did not show any signs of infection.
PMID: 30560081
Rights: openAccess
ISSN: 2228-7914
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