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Title: Phenotype-loci associations in networks of patients with rare disorders: application to assist in the diagnosis of novel clinical cases.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Eur. J. Hum. Genet..2018 10;(26)10:1451-1461
Abstract: Copy number variations (CNVs) are genomic structural variations (deletions, duplications, or translocations) that represent the 4.8-9.5% of human genome variation in healthy individuals. In some cases, CNVs can also lead to disease, being the etiology of many known rare genetic/genomic disorders. Despite the last advances in genomic sequencing and diagnosis, the pathological effects of many rare genetic variations remain unresolved, largely due to the low number of patients available for these cases, making it difficult to identify consistent patterns of genotype-phenotype relationships. We aimed to improve the identification of statistically consistent genotype-phenotype relationships by integrating all the genetic and clinical data of thousands of patients with rare genomic disorders (obtained from the DECIPHER database) into a phenotype-patient-genotype tripartite network. Then we assessed how our network approach could help in the characterization and diagnosis of novel cases in clinical genetics. The systematic approach implemented in this work is able to better define the relationships between phenotypes and specific loci, by exploiting large-scale association networks of phenotypes and genotypes in thousands of rare disease patients. The application of the described methodology facilitated the diagnosis of novel clinical cases, ranking phenotypes by locus specificity and reporting putative new clinical features that may suggest additional clinical follow-ups. In this work, the proof of concept developed over a set of novel clinical cases demonstrates that this network-based methodology might help improve the precision of patient clinical records and the characterization of rare syndromes.
PMID: 29946186
Rights: openAccess
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