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Title: Cosmetics and Cosmeceutical Applications of Chitin, Chitosan and Their Derivatives.
Issue Date: 22-Feb-2018
Citation: Polymers (Basel).2018 Feb;(10)2:
Abstract: Marine resources are well recognized for their biologically active substances with great potential applications in the cosmeceutical industry. Among the different compounds with a marine origin, chitin and its deacetylated derivative-chitosan-are of great interest to the cosmeceutical industry due to their unique biological and technological properties. In this review, we explore the different functional roles of chitosan as a skin care and hair care ingredient, as an oral hygiene agent and as a carrier for active compounds, among others. The importance of the physico-chemical properties of the polymer in its use in cosmetics are particularly highlighted. Moreover, we analyse the market perspectives of this polymer and the presence in the market of chitosan-based products.
PMID: 30966249
Rights: openAccess
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