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Title: Lamin A/C augments Th1 differentiation and response against vaccinia virus and Leishmania major.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Cell Death Dis.2018 01;(9)1:9
Abstract: Differentiation of naive CD4+ T-cells into functionally distinct T helper (Th) subsets is critical to immunity against pathogen infection. Little is known about the role of signals emanating from the nuclear envelope for T-cell differentiation. The nuclear envelope protein lamin A/C is induced in naive CD4+ T-cells upon antigen recognition and acts as a link between the nucleus and the plasma membrane during T-cell activation. Here we demonstrate that the absence of lamin A/C in naive T-cell reduces Th1 differentiation without affecting Th2 differentiation in vitro and in vivo. Moreover, Rag1 -/- mice reconstituted with Lmna -/- CD4+CD25 - T-cells and infected with vaccinia virus show weaker Th1 responses and viral removal than mice reconstituted with wild-type T-cells. Th1 responses and pathogen clearance upon Leishmania major infection were similarly diminished in mice lacking lamin A/C in the complete immune system or selectively in T-cells. Lamin A/C mediates Th1 polarization by a mechanism involving T-bet and IFNγ production. Our results reveal a novel role for lamin A/C as key regulator of Th1 differentiation in response to viral and intracellular parasite infections.
PMID: 29311549
Rights: openAccess
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