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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Within-Person Pain Variability and Mental Health in Older Adults With Osteoarthritis: An Analysis Across 6 European Cohorts.
2018[What about university?]Fernández García, María R; POLENTINOS-CASTRO, ELENA
2018-03[We try hard, although it may not be enough].-
2019[Vitamin D: the new suit of the Sun King].García-Franco, Alberto López; Navarro, David Fraile; Corrochano, Elena Cardona
2020-12-24Vitamin D, the natural way.Aguilar-Shea, Antonio L
2021-09-15Vitamin D recommendations in clinical guidelines: A systematic review, quality evaluation and analysis of potential predictors.
2020-03-28[Vitamin D for daily practice].Aguilar Shea, A L; Muñoz Moreno-Arrones, O; Palacios Martínez, D; Vaño-Galván, S
2021-10-08[Vision of the management of frailty in Primary Health Care.].Martin Lesende, Iñaki; Acosta Benito, Miguel Ángel; Goñi Ruiz, Nuria; Herreros Herreros, Yolanda
2018Validity of the CR-POSSUM model in surgery for colorectal cancer in Spain (CCR-CARESS study) and comparison with other models to predict operative mortality.
2021-03-01Validity of Brief Scales for Assessing Transdiagnostic Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies in Primary Care Patients With Emotional Disorders