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Title: MTORC1 Regulates both General Autophagy and Mitophagy Induction after Oxidative Phosphorylation Uncoupling.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Mol. Cell. Biol..2017 12;(37)23:
Abstract: Mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (MTORC1) is a critical negative regulator of general autophagy. We hypothesized that MTORC1 may specifically regulate autophagic clearance of damaged mitochondria. To test this, we used cells lacking tuberous sclerosis complex 2 (TSC2-/- cells), which show constitutive MTORC1 activation. TSC2-/- cells show MTORC1-dependent impaired autophagic flux after chemical uncoupling of mitochondria, increased mitochondrial-protein aging, and accumulation of p62/SQSTM1-positive mitochondria. Mitochondrial autophagy (mitophagy) was also deficient in cells lacking TSC2, associated with altered expression of PTEN-induced putative kinase 1 (PINK1) and PARK2 translocation to uncoupled mitochondria, all of which were recovered by MTORC1 inhibition or expression of constitutively active forkhead box protein O1 (FoxO1). These data prove the necessity of intact MTORC1 signaling to regulate two synergistic processes required for clearance of damaged mitochondria: (i) general autophagy initiation and (ii) PINK1/PARK2-mediated selective targeting of uncoupled mitochondria to the autophagic machinery.
PMID: 28894028
Rights: openAccess
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