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Title: Conventional CD4+ T cells present bacterial antigens to induce cytotoxic and memory CD8+ T cell responses.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Nat Commun.2017 11;(8)1:1591
Abstract: Bacterial phagocytosis and antigen cross-presentation to activate CD8+ T cells are principal functions of professional antigen presenting cells. However, conventional CD4+ T cells also capture and kill bacteria from infected dendritic cells in a process termed transphagocytosis (also known as transinfection). Here, we show that transphagocytic T cells present bacterial antigens to naive CD8+ T cells, which proliferate and become cytotoxic in response. CD4+ T-cell-mediated antigen presentation also occurs in vivo in the course of infection, and induces the generation of central memory CD8+ T cells with low PD-1 expression. Moreover, transphagocytic CD4+ T cells induce protective anti-tumour immune responses by priming CD8+ T cells, highlighting the potential of CD4+ T cells as a tool for cancer immunotherapy.
PMID: 29147022
Rights: openAccess
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