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Title: miR-99a reveals two novel oncogenic proteins E2F2 and EMR2 and represses stemness in lung cancer.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Cell Death Dis.2017 10;(8)10:e3141
Abstract: Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive tumours with very low life expectancy. Altered microRNA expression is found in human tumours because it is involved in tumour growth, progression and metastasis. In this study, we analysed microRNA expression in 47 lung cancer biopsies. Among the most downregulated microRNAs we focussed on the miR-99a characterisation. In vitro experiments showed that miR-99a expression decreases the proliferation of H1650, H1975 and H1299 lung cancer cells causing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. We identified two novel proteins, E2F2 (E2F transcription factor 2) and EMR2 (EGF-like module-containing, mucin-like, hormone receptor-like 2), downregulated by miR-99a by its direct binding to their 3'-UTR. Moreover, miR-99a expression prevented cancer cell epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and repressed the tumourigenic potential of the cancer stem cell (CSC) population in both these cell lines and mice tumours originated from H1975 cells. The expression of E2F2 and EMR2 at protein level was studied in 119 lung cancer biopsies. E2F2 and EMR2 are preferentially expressed in adenocarcinomas subtypes versus other tumour types (squamous and others). Interestingly, the expression of E2F2 correlates with the presence of vimentin and both E2F2 and EMR2 correlate with the presence of β-catenin. Moreover, miR-99a expression correlates inversely with E2F2 and directly with β-catenin expression in lung cancer biopsies. In conclusion, miR-99a reveals two novel targets E2F2 and EMR2 that play a key role in lung tumourigenesis. By inhibiting E2F2 and EMR2, miR-99a represses in vivo the transition of epithelial cells through an EMT process concomitantly with the inhibition of stemness features and consequently decreasing the CSC population.
PMID: 29072692
Rights: openAccess
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