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Title: Ecological patterns in anchialine caves.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: PLoS ONE.2018;(13)11:e0202909
Abstract: Anchialine caves are characterized by high levels of endemism and extreme conditions. However, few ecological studies have been conducted in these ecosystems. This study integrates biotic and abiotic parameters of two sets of cave systems with contrasting high and low species richness. Seven ecological patterns are used to explain the expected species richness and density in an anchialine cave. In addition, the population size for conspicuous macrofauna was estimated. The high impact that single-events have on anchialine fauna are also reported. These findings reinforce the conclusions of previous studies of the high extinction risk of anchialine cave fauna, and substantiate the necessity of ad hoc conservation strategies for anchialine caves.
PMID: 30403661
Rights: openAccess
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