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Title: Discrete classification technique applied to TV advertisements liking recognition system based on low-cost EEG headsets.
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2016
Citation: Biomed Eng Online.2016 Jul;(15 Suppl 1):75
Abstract: In this paper a new approach is applied to the area of marketing research. The aim of this paper is to recognize how brain activity responds during the visualization of short video advertisements using discrete classification techniques. By means of low cost electroencephalography devices (EEG), the activation level of some brain regions have been studied while the ads are shown to users. We may wonder about how useful is the use of neuroscience knowledge in marketing, or what could provide neuroscience to marketing sector, or why this approach can improve the accuracy and the final user acceptance compared to other works.
PMID: 27454876
Rights: openAccess
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