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Title: [Core values in family medicine revisited].
Authors: Álvarez Montero, Santiago
Mesh: Family Practice
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Citation: Aten Primaria.2017 Apr;(49)4:248-252
Abstract: Family medicine has to continually reinvent itself around a core of values that constitutes its navigation system. But accurate data on its impact on the health of people will account for how far the values are actually being implemented. Thus, we can say that family medicine is a specialty based on values and as well as evidence based. The absence of a clarification system of values or its implementation threatens its very existence. Some of the values that are reviewed have shown great recognition and survival over time. Others are presented because they seem sufficiently significant. These are: people, comprehensiveness, trust relationship, patient-centred method, accessibility, continuity, family unity and the community, teamwork, sustainability of the health system, and continuous improvement.
PMID: 27614533
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