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Title: [Inappropriate actions in adult vaccination].
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Aten Primaria.2018 11;(50 Suppl 2):80-85
Abstract: Vaccines constitute one of the main foundations of the public health system, improving the quality and life expectancy of people. The vaccination calendar must be extended to the whole life of a person and in recent years the vaccination of the adult has become more complex and requires a greater knowledge of it. The role of primary care health is essential in order to improve vaccination coverage given the patient's closeness and trust. It is important to know the recommendations on vaccination for reasons of age, underlying pathology, work circumstances or any other factor that may endanger health and be preventable by vaccination and at the same time have clear criteria of what should not be done in this countryside. An excess in vaccination can pose a risk to the health of the patient and a waste of resources.
PMID: 30274864
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