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Title: Prognostic factors at admission on patients with cancer and COVID-19: Analysis of HOPE registry data.
Issue Date: 4-Oct-2021
Citation: Med Clin (Engl Ed).2021;(157)7:318-324
Abstract: Previous works seem to agree in the higher mortality of cancer patients with COVID-19. Identifying potential prognostic factors upon admission could help identify patients with a poor prognosis. We aimed to explore the characteristics and evolution of COVID-19 cancer patients admitted to hospital in a multicenter international registry (HOPE COVID-19).Our primary objective is to define those characteristics that allow us to identify cancer patients with a worse prognosis (mortality within 30 days after the diagnosis of COVID-19). 5838 patients have been collected in this registry, of whom 770 had cancer among their antecedents. In hospital mortality reached 258 patients (33.51%). The median was 75 years (65-82). Regarding the distribution by sex, 34.55% of the patients (266/770) were women.The distribution by type of cancer: genitourinary 238/745 (31.95%), digestive 124/745 (16.54%), hematologic 95/745 (12.75%).In multivariate regression analysis, factors that are independently associated with mortality at admission are: renal impairment (OR 3.45, CI 97.5% 1.85-6.58), heart disease (2.32, 1.47-3.66), liver disease (4.69, 1.94-11.62), partial dependence (2.41, 1.34-4.33), total dependence (7.21, 2.60-21.82), fatigue (1.84, 1.16-2.93), arthromialgias (0.45, 0.26-0.78), SatO2  In patients with cancer from the HOPE registry, 30-day mortality from any cause is high and is associated with easily identifiable clinical factors upon arrival at the hospital. Identifying these patients can help initiate more intensive treatments from the start and evaluate the prognosis of these patients.
PMID: 34632069
Rights: openAccess
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