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Title: VDR rs2228570 Polymorphism Is Related to Non-Progression to AIDS in Antiretroviral Therapy Naïve HIV-Infected Patients.
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2019
Citation: J Clin Med.2019;(8)3:
Abstract: Vitamin D is a fundamental regulator of host defenses by activating genes related to innate and adaptive immunity. In this study, we analyzed the association among single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene, with clinical patterns of AIDS progression in antiretroviral treatment (ART)-naïve HIV-infected patients. We conducted a retrospective study in 667 HIV-infected patients, who were classified within three groups according to their AIDS progression pattern (183 long-term non-progressors (LTNPs), 334 moderate progressors (MPs), and 150 rapid progressors (RPs)). Five VDR SNPs (rs11568820, rs4516035, rs2228570, rs1544410, and rs7975232) were genotyped using Agena Bioscience's MassARRAY platform. Significant association results were found for rs2228570. Within all HIV patients, the presence of T allele at VDR rs2228570 SNP was protective against AIDS progression (ordinal outcome) under additive (adjusted odds ratio (aOR) = 0.75; p = 0.009), dominant (aOR = 0.69; p = 0.015), and codominant (aOR = 0.56; p = 0.017) inheritance models. In addition, the same allele was protective under additive and codominant inheritance models when we compared with LTNPs vs. RPs [aOR = 0.64 (p = 0.019) and aOR = 0.37 (p = 0.018), respectively] and when we compared MPs vs. RPs [aOR = 0.72 (p = 0.035) and aOR = 0.45 (p = 0.028), respectively]. The VDR rs2228570 T allele was related to a lower AIDS progression pattern in ART-naïve HIV-infected patients. These findings expand upon the knowledge about HIV pathogenesis in untreated HIV-infected patients with different clinical outcomes.
PMID: 30841566
Rights: openAccess
ISSN: 2077-0383
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