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Title: [Use of contraception with only progestogens in primary care: Study GESTAGAP].
Other Titles: Uso de la anticoncepción con solo gestágenos en atención primaria: estudio GESTAGAP.
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2018
Citation: Aten Primaria.2019;(51)8:479-485
Abstract: To estimate the prevalence of use of progestin-only contraceptive among women who request reversible contraception in Primary Care (PC). Multicentre cross-sectional study. Primary Care Health Care Centres (Madrid). Women aged 16-50 years old, users of reversible contraception, who speak Spanish, and had attended the Primary Care Centre in the last year. Primary outcome: contraceptive method used: Contraception with progestins-only (yes/no). Age, parity, country of origin, type of contraceptive method used, reason for choice, source of information, satisfaction with the contraceptive method. Telephone survey. A total of 417 women were interviewed. The median age was 30.3years (SD: 7.7). Spanish 69%, and 82% of participants had secondary or university studies. More than half (57%) were nulliparous. The type of contraceptive used included: progestins only: 14%, combined hormonal contraceptive: 74%, copper IUD: 2%, and condom 10%. The prevalence of use of "progestins-only" was 13.9% (95%CI: 10.6-17.2). Medroxyprogesterone acetate injection was the most progestin-only method used (4.6%), desogestrel oral pill (4.1%), IUD-levonorgestrel IUD (3.9%), and etonogestrel subdermal implant (1.9%). The family doctor was the prescriber in 71% of the women. Satisfaction: high (range 9-10). Using only progestogens was associated with older age, being non-Spanish, breastfeeding, and having a medical contraindication for combined contraception (P The prevalence of use for progestins was 14%, satisfaction was very high for all contraceptive methods. The user profile for the only progestins-only corresponds to older, and non-Spanish women with conditions such as breastfeeding or contraindications for other contraceptives.
PMID: 30115450
Rights: openAccess
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