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Title: [Implementation of Recommendations and Clinical Practice Guidelines by residents: the role of the Multiprofessional Family and Community Care Teaching Units in Spain].
Other Titles: Implementación de recomendaciones y guías de práctica clínica por residentes: el papel de las unidades docentes multiprofesionales de atención familiar y comunitaria en España.
Issue Date: 13-Feb-2021
Citation: Aten Primaria.2021;(53)3:101941
Abstract: To analyze the role of Family and Community Care Trainig Units as facilitators of the implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) and the factors associated with a greater effort in this task. Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study with analytical approach. Training Units in Spain (N=94). Variables were collected through a self-completed survey into five domains: characteristics of Training Units, training activity directed at evidence-based clinical practice (EBPP), importance attributed to this activity, responsibility for EBPP implementation, perception of barriers and facilitators to its use. Descriptive and multivariate analysis with the dependent variable being the perceived effort of the training unit to implement CPG. 45 Training Units responded (47.9%). 42.2%(CI 95%: 27.8-56.6) of their coordinators have directed research projects and 31.1% (CI 95%:17.6-44.6) have participated in elaborating CPG. They organized an average of 51hours (SD 47.2) of training in PCBP. 97.7% (CI95%:93.3-100) considered it fundamental that the residents ow and apply PCBP and 93.3% (CI95%:86.0-100) considered that tutors are responsible for the implementation. The participation of the coordinator in CPG (coef: 0.58; IC 95%: 0.00-1.16), awareness of how important is that residents know about CPG (coef: 0.89; IC 95%: 0.24-1.54) and that CPG appear to be widely applicable. applicable (coef: 0.35; IC 95%: -0.01-0.70) were related to a greater effort by the training units. The training units recognize the importance of CPGs and consider that tutors are responsible for their implementation. Training Units effort to implement CPG was related to unit coordinators previous experience, the perception of applicability and residents needs.
PMID: 33592535
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