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Title: Higher prevalence of psoriatic arthritis in the adult population in Spain? A population-based cross-sectional study.
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2020
Citation: PLoS One.2020;(15)6:e0234556
Abstract: The prevalence of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is very heterogeneous. There are no data on its frequency in the general population in Spain. The aim of EPISER2016 study was to estimate the prevalence of PsA in people aged ≥20 years in Spain. Cross-sectional multicenter population-based study. Subjects from all the autonomous communities in Spain were randomly selected using multistage stratified cluster sampling. Participants in each of the municipalities randomly selected for the study were administered a telephone-based questionnaire to screen for the study diseases. If the participant reported being previously diagnosed, rheumatologists from the participant's reference hospital confirmed the diagnosis based on a review of the clinical history. Subjects not previously diagnosed but whose screening result was positive based on symptoms received a second telephone call from the investigating rheumatologist in order to evaluate the suspicion. If the suspicion remained, an appointment was made at the reference hospital to complete the diagnostic confirmation process according to CASPAR criteria. To calculate the prevalence and its 95% confidence interval (CI), the sample design was taken into account and weighing was calculated considering age, sex and geographic origin. The sample comprised 4916 subjects. The prevalence of PsA was 0.58% (95%CI: 0.38-0.87). All but 1 of the 27 cases (96.30%) had been diagnosed prior to EPISER2016. The prevalence of PsA in Spain was among the highest reported to date, only below that reported in Norway (0.67%) and slightly higher than that reported in Italy (0.42%).
PMID: 32555622
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