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Title: C>A substitution in NT 46 of the 3' UTR region (the α complex protected region) of the alpha-1 globin gene: a non-deletional mutation or polymorphism?
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2019
Citation: J Clin Pathol.2020;(73)1:14-16
Abstract: Untranslated regions (UTRs) play an important role in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, including by modulating messenger RNA (mRNA) transport out of the nucleus, translation efficiency, subcellular localisation and stability. Any mutation in this region could alter the stability of mRNA and thereby affect protein synthesis. We analysed if a mutation located in the α complex protected region of the α1 globin gene could cause non-deletional α-thalassaemia by affecting post-transcriptional stability (mRNA stability). A total of 14 patients without anaemia, normal or slight microcytosis and hypochromia (medium concentration haemoglobin [MCH] All of them shown a novel transversion mutation in nt 778 (C>A), which is located in the 3' UTR in the α complex protected region [HBA1: c.*+46C>A]. This mutation is in the αRNAmin binding site, so a single nucleotide substitution in this region can decrease mRNA stability by potentially compromising the binding of α-complex protein to αRNAmin, favouring the decay of α-globin mRNA via erythroid cell-enriched endoribonuclease cleavage. In this case, it is a non-deletional α-thalassaemia. However, in silico and empirical studies predicted that it could be a silent polymorphism. Functional studies should be carried out to confirm whether it is a pathological mutation or a silent polymorphism.
PMID: 31434698
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