About Repository

What is it?

The Institutional Repository of the Regional Health System of the Community of Madrid is an open digital space designed to collect, preserve and make available to any interested person the scientific production generated by the professionals of all the centers and services of the Regional Health System as result of their assistance, research and teaching activity, thus guaranteeing their conservation and open access and promoting their visibility and dissemination.


It is structured around four large areas, also called Communities::

  • Hospitals
  • Foundations and Research Institutes
  • Primary Care Centers
  • Other centers dependent on the Regional Health System
All the centers of the Regional Health System depend on these four areas, constituting the Sub-Communities.

In the case of Hospitals and Research Foundations and Institutes, each of them is collected individually. The Primary Care area, however, groups all the Health Centers and other units that depend on this level of care in a single denomination and therefore does not have Sub-Communities. The rest of the centers of the Regional Health System will depend on their corresponding General Directorate.

The scientific production of each center is classified according to the type of document in question, resulting in eight collections:

  • Articles
  • Congress communications
  • Research data
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Training and teaching material
  • Reports and technical documents
  • Books and book chapters
  • Multimedia material